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Music Review: Waysted – The Harsh Reality

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Well, I dread to think what Fin and the guys have resorted to for refreshment now, but it sure as hell works! When I received this album and listened to it, I was like a tramp with a fiver! Whey hey!

Fin, Pete, Chris, and RD sound as if they have been given 20 cups of coffee a day and electric shock therapy,  and perhaps the shock of some healthy living has them producing the edgiest and evilest rock since the best moments of their heyday.

We were glad to hear them 'Back From The Dead' with the classic Alternative sound, but The Harsh Reality really hits the spot and keeps hitting it after it has begged for mercy! The melodies are a lot stronger and nailed down from underneath by Pete's bass zooming against RD's rock drill drumming. Chris' guitar playing is just awesome, the band just sounds so… together. As for the wonderful Mr. Fin, listen to that voice! Why this man is still in rock's shadows Mickey Mouse alone knows. Listen to him rock. Good ole classic Rock and Roll ain't Quantum Physics, but this is album is something Einstein would be proud of!

I'm just grateful that Pete and Company rescued Fin from the Kling On Empire, Jabba The Hutt, or Yeti to front the band again. On this album Fin sounds as strong as ever, as if he was suspended in time, which may have been possible. And as for Pete, well he still plays like he won't ever stop. If you get a chance to see these guys live, or buy the music, do it.

The album has a foot tapping beat to it, so if you like your rock hard and your vocals strong then The Harsh Reality is for you.

The first track is "Propagander" gets things going with a bouncy energetic start, then blends into the next track "Samaritan Man". We move into classic and blues territory with "Rockin' The Cliché" and "Keeping it sweet", both worth listening to if you like to work out or out jogging. I have listened to both tracks whilst doing chores or working and the beats just carry you away.

"Long Time Dead" brings things back to a harmonic view. Fin's vocals really do make things seem simple. "Out Of Control" kicks in and blues things up again. Pete Way definatly making his presence felt on this track. To keep that blues feeling going "It Wasn't Me" with a little word speak from Fin.

We briefly move into a sentimental power ballad stage with the track "A Song for Steve". You can feel the emotion that is played and sung in this track, in my opinion the best cut so far. We move onto the title track of the album "The Harsh Reality". A great song to dance around your living room in your underwear. But that is just my opinion.

Finally a cover of "Handbags and Gladrags". Now I am not a great fan of covers, but this was a great re-vamp of the song. Guys, you done me proud.

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