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Music Review: Vulture Kult – Don’t Let Rock n’ Roll Ruin Your Life

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Guitarist Hans Bielefeld and drummer Bradley Friesen have joined the ranks of such acts as The White Stripes and Japandroids as a formidable hard rock duo with enough prowess to take on full five and six-piece bands, producing the same kinds of sounds. With two albums under their belt, the Canadian duo, who call themselves Vulture Kult, are pulling notable influence from earlier hard rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, and Aerosmith to create a sound that is distinctive because it’s not different. In a time when the label “hard rock” has grown to encompass genre benders like Nickelback and even hip hop acts like Outkast, what the Vulture Kult’s gritty guitar riffs and simple drum cadence are bringing back to the table is a new adventure for the current crop of young listeners. They are bringing a classic style back to the forefront and giving it new life.

Don’t Let Rock N’ Roll Ruin Your Life is the second full-length album from the Canadian duo, following closely on the heels of their 2011 self-titled debut. The sound of the album alternates between tracks that will take listeners back to the more “pop” style sounds of early 1990s-era Aerosmith—tracks like “Livin’ on the Edge” and “Love in an Elevator”—and tracks that would be comfortably at home in the soundtrack of a fast-paced action movie (maybe one with an old Dodge Charger at the helm).

The driving momentum of Don’t Let Rock N’ Roll Ruin Your Life comes from Bielefeld’s quick-fingered guitar and the steady tempo of Friesen’s drums, but also from the brevity of the songs and of the album itself. With only nine tracks, it’s all over before listeners have a chance to register that it even started. Of the nine tracks, only three reach for the four-minute mark and two don’t even stretch to a full two minutes, bringing the grand total to under half an hour. This is a double-edged sword for Vulture Kult because while it does keep things moving and leaves listeners wanting more, it could also said that it leaves listeners unfulfilled.

Don’t Let Rock N’ Roll Ruin Your Life can be purchased digitally via iTunes and is currently streaming via the Vulture Kult BandCamp and SoundCloud pages. However, while many sources refer to the “CD,” I have yet to find a physical copy of the album.

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  • Micheal Anderson

    It’s at vulturekult.com I do believe.

  • D. Gabrielle Jensen

    Thank you, please link?

  • Jason Alexander

    Vulture Kult sells CDs from their website. They have a full store.