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Music Review: Volcano Choir – “Island, IS”

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So here it is, finally! Volcano Choir's debut single from their LP Unmap, which drops September 22. I was beside myself to hear the new track. For this project, Justin Vernon, known for his solo project Bon Iver, has collaborated with his favorite band, and fellow Wisconsinites Collections of Colonies of Bees.

The new single "Island, IS" changes everything we've known about Bon Iver. Beginning to lose his previous selling point, or ‘edge,’ that was synonymous to the solidarity of him recording an album confined to a cabin in the woods, it was starting to get a little worn out. I think we could all use a different approach. I believe that this new album will hit directly where it needs to and change all of our minds that he is still musically an amazing experimenter, as well as lyricist. It still however carries Justin's unmistakable falsetto, a little less cabin fever retorted however.

Introverted or extroverted, he has already begun to stake his claim, even after only one full-length album and an EP. His ballooning popularity seemed very contingent on his ever adored single "Skinny Love." I believe I am correct in commenting that we are all very relieved to see a different side. Emerging now with a solid ground to impede on, he has earned the right to change his ‘swagga’ and pull a project out of thin air and of course come chiming through with meteors of musical passion. He has come out of his heart cage and is spirited with the rest of the band; pulling together Four Tet-style loops with an amazing course of R&B style mumbling to cap off the vocals.

Pulling this project together doesn’t seem to have been an easy task. The crunching percussion, silted above loose clanging guitar sounds is, as always, followed with the classic heart-strung vocals provided by Mr.Vernon. "Island IS" is a new sound almost entirely for their genre. Unmap may prove to be a step in the wrong direction, or it may of course come out shining given Bon Iver’s very strong fan base.

I am intently very glad to perceive that even though I have only heard one track off of the LP, it doesn't look like Justin Vernon and gang will be falling off indie/folk scene for some time to come. His popularity will no doubt hit a new market of fans with this new collaboration. He is rounding it out; screaming to let go of the past with new experimental versions of the soft-bearded guitar stuff we all have learned to fall madly in love with. I applaud.

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