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Music Review: Various Artists – Yo Gabba Gabba: Music is Awesome!

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Our family has been moving and grooving to the frenetically addictive tunes of Yo Gabba Gabba’s first self-titled CD for the better part of a year now. During this time I’ve realized a thing or two about their tunes – Yo Gabba Gabba (YGG) isn’t forever. My six-year-old is slowly moving out of her YGG passion, but my three-year-old is now firmly entrenched. While clearly for the pre-school crowd (and parents who’ve been taken captive by that special magic), with a one and three-year-old in the house I – ahem, we – still have many opportunities to listen and dance to Yo Gabba Gabba’s latest release – Music is Awesome!

This latest release serves as a replacement rather than an addition to YGG’s discography. Timed to coordinate with the wildly successfully Yo Gabba Gabba: There’s a Party in My City tour (which has been selling out) Music is Awesome! contains the iconic tunes that YGG is most known for, while switching out some of those supplied by guest artists, and adding some staples that were missing from the first collection.

If you missed out on Yo Gabba Gabba last year and have little fans of the television show at home, now is the time to catch some any-time, any-place music action. Even if you own the first release, you might want to pick this one up – with its inclusion of “Theme,” “Closing Theme,” and even more songs encouraging proper behaviour such as “Try It, You’ll Like It,” “Brush Brush Brush” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (not a cover of the Stones tune), this is a classic YGG collection.

Old favourites such as “Party In My Tummy,” “I Like To Dance,” and “Get The Sillies Out” are still present, while “I’m So Sorry,” and “Be Nice to Animals” are missing from this disc. Nearly all of the guest artist songs have been switched out, excepting “Biz’s Beat of the Day,” “Bedtime Lullaby,” and “Hey, Won’t Somebody Come And Play”. Still, with a full 21 tracks as opposed to the previous 13, there’s no doubt about it – Music is Awesome offers you more YGG for your dollar.

It’s hard to go wrong with this eclectic collection of wholesome tunes drawing strongly from dance and electronic beats that encourage children to wash their hands, brush their teeth, eat their veggies, love their families, and above all get up and dance! That’s just what they’ll do when the disc starts spinning, and if you’re not careful – you might soon be joining your children on the dance floor as well.

Track Listing:

1. Theme
2. Party In My Tummy
3. It’s Okay, Try Again
4. I Like To Dance
5. Robo Dancing
6. Get The Sillies Out
7. Biz’s Beat of The Day #1
8. Nice ‘N’ Clean
9. Try It, You’ll Like It
10. Lovely, Love My Family
11. Don’t Be Afraid
12. Just Because It’s Different Doesn’t Mean Scary
13. Bubbles
14. Brush Brush Brush
15. Nice & Easy
16. Hey, Won’t Somebody Come And Play
17 Go Crazy Remix
18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
19. Bedtime Lullaby
20. Goodbye Song
21. Closing Theme

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