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Music Review: Various Artists- Shrek The Third Soundtrack

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An important aspect of any film is the music incorporated into it. It’s often carefully selected to suit the mood or theme of the movie. The music selected helps to make it work, or in some cases bomb. Shrek The Third mixes the old with the new, as well as throwing in some impressive covers.

The Eels kick off the soundtrack with “Royal Pain”. A cute little ditty that has bounce, it’s delivered in E’s recognizable raspy voice. It’s not the first time that the Eels have appeared on a Shrek soundtrack. In fact, apart from Eddie Murphy, they are the only band that has appeared on every soundtrack. This time they appear twice, also performing “Losing Steak”, which is another stellar performance.

From there the soundtrack takes a welcoming step back in time with The Ramones’ “Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?”, Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, and Wings’ “Live And Let Die”.  It was a surprise to hear such classics on a Shrek soundtrack, since the others have been more pop albums than rock, and more about newer bands, rather than older ones. However, after listening to the rest of the soundtrack, the songs meld within the soundtrack, especially “The Immigrant Song”, which compliments Wolfmother’s classic rock-sounding “The Joker And The Thief”. Both tracks have such a similar style of sound, that it’s hard to separate the two from each other.

Fergie’s version of “Barracuda” was another surprise. I’d heard, before buying the album, that she had covered Heart and was prepared to skip through the song. Although vocally, she has always had the strength to produce great music, I didn’t think she would be able to give “Barracuda” the justice it deserved.

I was wrong. Fergie’s cover of “Barracuda” is one of the best songs on the soundtrack. She really nails each line, delivering it with the same oomph Ann Wilson delivered the first time around. In honesty, hearing the first couple of lines delivered with such strength, I thought it was Ann Wilson singing. Fergie has updated the classic rock track for a whole new generation to fall in love with all over again.

What Shrek album would be complete without Eddie Murphy belting out a tune? Yet again he teams up with Antonio Banderas (Can anyone really ever forget their version of "Mi Vida Loco"?) This time around they cover Sly And The Family Stone’s “Thank You”. It’s a cute version, but I prefer their cheekier version of “Mi Vida Loco”.

I’m a little surprised that Prince Charming himself, A.K.A Justin Timberlake didn’t add anything to the soundtrack. But in saying that, it takes nothing away from what this soundtrack is, very worthy.

Tracks not to miss: “Royal Pain”, “The Immigrant Song”, “Barracuda”, “Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?” and “The Joker And The Thief”

I give it 4/5

Record Label: Geffen Record
Year: 2007
Track Listing:
01. Royal Pain- Eels
02. Do You remember Rock N Roll Radio? –The Ramones
03. Immigrant Song- Led Zeppelin
04. Barracuda- Fergie
05. Live And Let Die-Wings
06. Best Days-Matt White
07. Joker And The Thief-Wolfmother
08. Other Ways-Trevor Hall
09. Cat’s In The Cradle-Harry Chapin
10. Losing Streak-The Eels
11. What I Gotta Do-Macy Gray
12. Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again) – Eddie Murphy
13. Final Showdown – Rupert Everett
14. Charming's Plan – Harry Gregson-Williams

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  • Bobby Mushoda

    I purchased the soundtrack recently and am glad I did. I had forgotten how powerful the music of Led Zeppelin could be. The standout track for me is Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’, which is a unique brilliant song that sounds even better today than it did when created. Fergie does a very admirable job with Heart’s ‘Barracuda’. It’s quite an eclectic mix, but all the tunes have something to offer. I highly recommend it.

  • That soundtrack does sound compelling, but I would own about one-third of it if I actually bought the CD, having most Zeppelin albums, along with the Wolfmother, Chapin, Ramones and Wings tunes. I would definitely be buying it for the Eels tunes and Eddie Murphy. The Fergie cover, not so much.

    Also, though I don’t think “Joker and the Thief” sounds like Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” Wolfmother’s singer definitely has shown his Zeppelin influences elsewhere, on tunes like “Woman.” And their bass player does double duty on the keyboards (like John Paul Jones, of course).

    Nonetheless, they’re all great songs, and it’s nice to see the soundtrack producers mix the old in with the new, since they probably realize that kids will be buying this compilation.

  • jabm

    Does anybody know the song that’s played when King Arthur is leaving the town after Shrek told him to leave on dress room? I got the soundtrack but this song is not included.

    Amazing soundrack by the way.



    Fergie adaequately covers a great Heart song? I’d have to hear it myself to believe it, but if it turns anyone from her audience on to actual rock ‘n’ roll, all the better.

  • jabm

    Finally i found the song. It’s called Nine crimes by Damien Rice.


  • Jan

    Led zep rules

    but Justin Timberland is NOT prince charming, he’s Artie

  • lacey

    Um please listen to number 8 and listen to his other songs…hes amazing! <3 trevor hall!!

  • LAcEy

    I love sherk and will alwayS! AlThoUgh I LiKe DonKiE! Oh WeLl