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Music Review: TV/TV – Not Enough Red

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With TV/TV’s latest release, Not Enough Red, out June 30, and available on iTunes, TV/TV have quickly proved they’re here and are not going away anytime soon. Appearing on many shows such as MTV’s, The Hills, and The Real World, the New York new wave rockers are continuing to impress. Just a few years ago, they were jamming in their New York City apartments but in 2009, they’ve grown to play the Smart Punkstage on Van’s Warped Tour. From pianos to the prestigious Highline Ballroom, it is a solid bet to say that TV/TV will be headlining the Madison Square Garden in no time.


Not Enough Red is absolutely fantastic. Produced by Bleu (Jonas Brothers, Boys Like Girls,Hanson, Ace Enders) and Mark Needham (The Killers, Bloc Party, Iglu and Hartly and Metro Station), Not Enough Red has some of the best production I’ve heard from a rock EP ever. It is very easy to attach the ‘rock’ tag to any song with some guitars and drums, but I can assure you that this EP rocks. From production to musicianship, TV/TV’s sophomore effort is absolutely flawless. It proves that there is more than just new age pop punk in 2009.

My favorite song on the five-track effort is “Small Time.” It defines their drive towards being the leaders of the present state of rock.This song declares how Not Enough Red is going to be the EP of the year. The producer’s had fun with vocal effects, and the guitarists fit in eccentric yet mainstream leads. Throughout “Small Time,”there is a mainstream new-age rock vibe blended with an 80s rock twist.

One thing I really enjoy about TV/TV is their song introductions. They engage the audience, and prepare for the powerful sequence of events to follow. These songs will absolutely “pop” in a live setting. Their introductions bring such intensity and allow singer/guitarist Josh Ocean to warm up the audience for their powerful choruses.

Maturing from their previous release, “Something To Get Excited About,” the New Yorkers have lost some of their pop-esque roots in pursuit of a modern and original rock sound. I was rather impressed with their 2007 effort. Their former sound was more of their pop-punk roots formed in their former high school bands. But now, they have gained a solid sound that will impress a gym full of high school kids, or an arena full of rockers.

Departing New York for the next few years, TV/TV is going out to support their music on tour. They’re currently on Van’s Warped Tour for the summer, followed by a UK tour in the fall. The band has grown to be an international act. Not Enough Red proves that the sky is not even a limit for TV/TV. With the digital television transition complete, your television sets are ready to pop with TV/TV. 

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