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Music Review: Tokyo Police Club – “Citizens of Tomorrow”

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"This is not how we planned it / But we've gotten ahead of ourselves / Computers rule the planet / And the moon and mars as well."

Apocalyptic visions of spaceship-dwelling human slaves subjected to robot rule. Post-punk Canadian quartet with impressive, tight drumming, catchy Strokes-ish guitar riffs and a whole bundle of adolescent freak-out energy. Tokyo Police Club.

These kids may be barely legal but are already getting some well-deserved attention in the media for their top-notch debut EP. Les Savy Fav-ish guitar and bass interplay with amusing (read: forgettable?) lyrical content, and although adolescence shines through, the melodic foundations of the songs is undeniable. Things to like about "Citizens of Tomorrow": The clever, catchy and stuttering mini-solo. The relentless drums. Fun yelling. Lyrics about robots blowing you apart in front of your loved ones if you try to escape. Be forewarned!

Tokyo Police ClubTPC's members are teetering upon a bulging mass of critical acclaim, and for a couple of young indie kids that's probably pretty frightening. With just an EP out and all the buzz circulating, TPC can probably head in almost any direction with the music on their next release, and that's a scary, scary place to be. The intense weight of all those 7.9s and 6.8s and '3 1/2 bunnies out of 4' can really add up, and living up to those expectations is often a band-crusher (remember fellow Canadians Hot Hot Heat?). Here's hoping they keep their heads down, focus all their energy dancing and rocking, and leave all of our expectations out in space.

[mp3 – Citizens of Tomorrow]

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  • gredge

    Tokyo Police Club give me hope for the future of music!
    I first heard them on “the verge” on XM and saw them live in Chicago 11/29/06.
    Catchy tunes, great energy, here’s hoping they conquer the world!