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Music Review: Tiësto – In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza

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Contrary to popular opinion, one does not have to ingest bizarre designer drug cocktails to enjoy the benefits of trance music. Trance is ideal for keeping completely sober individuals calm but alert (it’s perfect for long drives or intense workouts), as well as being just plain fun to dance to, whether or not you have any so-called skills (God knows I don’t).

On In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza, Dutch DJ Tiësto proves just why his music has become so popular. The album is 150 minutes of fluid, hypnotic mixing madness that at once stimulates your overworked brain and promotes a sense of deep relaxation.

The Mediterranean island of Ibiza is famous for being the site of cutting-edge dance music events, attracting summertime revelers as well as some of the world most renowned DJs. Tiësto’s sixth installment of In Search of Sunrise is meant to honor the island and its thriving dance party scene.

Swirling melodies and emphatic rhythms flank haunting, ethereal female voices. One of the most mesmerizing tracks is Tiësto’s remix of the JES song “Imagination.” JES is perhaps best known as the voice behind Motorcycle’s oft-remixed “As the Rush Comes.” The Tiësto remix of “Imagination” frames her breathy voice with cascading layers of complex, complimentary harmonies. He backs off every so often, letting the simple melody stand alone, before sweeping the listener back up in the fast-moving current.

On “Lonely,” Tiësto uses musical ebb and flow to bring out the feel of the song, which has minimal lyrics. The track starts out simply, acquiring additional layers as it moves along. A synth line swells slowly in the background, setting the stage for vocalist Alanah’s clear, piercing voice: “No need for a metaphor / I’m lonely.”

Many of the tracks have an oddly bittersweet quality. They’re sad, in a way, often done in minor keys and in a manner that tugs insistently at your heart. But they’re also beautiful, reflective, even serene. It’s definitely an emotional collection.

Though each is a distinct piece, the songs flow together like a continuous track, as Tiësto shows off his ability to create seamless transitions. Other particularly stirring tracks include “Falling,” “Tell Me,” and “Hide and Seek.”

In Search of Sunrise 6 would make an excellent introductory album for anyone curious about dance music. The genre’s existing fans know what to expect from Tiësto, and this collection surely will not disappoint them.

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  • saad

    heyy good review.. overall as u said its a greattt album.. but you forgot to mention the Moonbeam song!