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Music Review: The Zutons – “It’s The Little Things We Do”

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What would it take for The Zutons to break into the mainstream? My guess is, not much. However, since mainstream usually means breaking into the American market (at the very least the college charts), it is even money. 

The Zutons have made themselves present in the alternative scene since 2001, where they have carved a niche as an accomplished indie/soul kind of band.  This Liverpudlian band has enjoyed the advise of such prominent producers as Ian Broudie (of Lightning Seeds fame).  Currently they are touring the UK.

Their latest single "It's The Little Things We Do" (the fourth from their album Tired of Hanging Around) is a song that pokes fun at extreme partying.  The music is perky enough, with a soulful interpretation of such lines as  "so i get up and go down the stairs and try to make a sandwich / but the ham and cheese, margarine they speak an evil language".  I heartily recommend this song. 

Their musical style at times reminds me of what the Heartless Bastards are doing on the other side of the Atlantic.  Their performance has enough intensity, with good backing vocals.  At times it is like a throwback to the big bands of the fifties.  Other elements I find engaging about this song are the bass line and use of brass winds, which gives the song much of its style.  Like its predecessor "Valerie", this track makes excellent use of backing vocals.

As a matter of fact, I find the Zutons to be an extremely talented band.  The problems they might run into (tantamount to those the Heartless Bastards will face) is the changing musical tastes of the current teenage market.  I have noticed for some time now that the eighties (God!, why?) are making a comeback in music.  This could lead us to believe that we could once more be looking at a more synth-oriented preference in the public. 

I hope that will not be the case.  Indie music has done so much to incorporate guitar sound (especially jingle jangle) into music again that it would be a shame if bands like this get left on the side of the road.  Hopefully their tour dates with The Killers will give them some exposure.

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  • Mike

    I personally love ‘The Zutons’, especially there most recent ablum ‘Who Killed The Zutons’. I love Liverpool based bands so i find myself constantly on Liverpool music. You guys should check it out!