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Music Review: The Wonder Years – Get Stoked On It!

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Have you ever wondered what pirates thought about going to the prom? Ever been concerned about the anxiety a ninja master’s wife must endure? How would the Kool-Aid man deal with his adulterous wife? If any of this is remotely interesting to you or if you find it amusing, then The Wonder Years is your band. They are a pop punk/hardcore band and they are stoked about themselves.

They recorded their debut, Get Stoked On It!, in two and a half weeks. They’re just a bunch of guys having fun and making music and this cavalier approach seeps out of every track. The sound is surprisingly good – full and powerful.

Some of the metal riffs are outstanding, thick, and potent. For example, "Let's Moshercise," the fourth track (which is ostensibly about moshing for exercise, replete with references to enlarged hind ends, etc.) has a twittery intro that morphs into an incisive crunch.  This track was easily my favorite, pounding out an addictive rhythm.  "We Were Giants" has a nearly epic opening, marred only by the irritating keyboard notes that scratch glass and chalkboard behind the hammer falls of the guitar and bass. 

The vocal performance is solid; Soupy, the lead singer, shows off the band's punk attitude clearly. There is a variety of vocals: singing, screaming, and harmonized bellows.  

So, in the end what can you say about the Wonder Years?  Musically they are well put together, not hollow or one dimensional. They seem to understand the genre they are playing. However, I would also add that this talent is almost squandered because nothing really stands out on Stoked.  It turns into a pedestrian effort because there’s no substance to the songs.

If they can turn their sarcasm into some kind of humorous commentary on … anything, it seems to me they would do very well.  They have talent and intensity, now they need a voice.

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  • zach brewer

    the wonder years are a badass band!!!!!!!!