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Music Review:- The Windupdeads – The Windupdeads

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This is the week that Sweden’s The Windupdeads release their eponymous debut album. In fact the date for your diary is October 7. It is actually possible that you are already familiar with the Windupdeads music. If you are a watcher of CWTV in the States then you would have heard one of their songs during the series The Gossip Girl. The track was called "Reverse Of Shade" and of course it is included on this fifteen song debut.

The Windupdeads consist of lead singer Rickard Olsen, drummer and keyboard player Marcus von Boisman, bass player Jonas Westholm, and guitarist Petter Ingman. Formed in Sweden only last year, their progress to date has been nothing short of meteroic. Their blend of melodically indie rock-pop built upon well written emotionally charged tracks has resulted in eager anticipation surrounding the release of the album.

They write intricately layered songs richly coloured with piano and guitar. These sweeping melodies and anthemic choruses should serve them well on their forthcoming US tour. All of this is topped by the excellent vocals of Rickard Olsen who possesses an impossibly smooth voice that squeezes all the emotion from each and every song.

In many ways The Windupdeads, the album, defies its and the band's name. The foursome serve up some exquisite, bright, fresh, atmospheric indie rock that is superbly constructed. There are the inevitable comparisons that can be made here (perhaps some brief glimpses of Muse, Radiohead) but I am sure that The Windupdeads are on the verge of carving out their own place. Their strength is their ability to write memorable and infectious tracks that stay in the mind long after the album has ended.

It is a formula that they return to time and again throughout the album whilst still managing to maintain a level of freshness. It certainly is an impressive debut. Whether the anticipated comparisons to other better known bands in forthcoming reviews are written as criticism or not becomes increasingly irrelevant as the album progresses. They are smoothness personfied and Windupdeads is as silky a debut as it is possible to serve up.

From the welcome of “Intro” through the first main track “Options” The Windupdeads show their potential class. “A Few Hours Of Light” shines with a radiant brilliance and has, of course, a memorable chorus. Other highlights include “The End” a swooping and soaring anthem, and the impressive “Sunblock”. With this material they have come up with a release that strings together effortlessly.

The centre piece can be seen as “Wide Open Windows”. This is Olsen’s track and showcases his smooth as milk voice. It hauntingly sets up one of the highlights on the album “Reverse Of Shade”. By this time, track nine, you know just what the band are about and this one strongly represents all their undoubted quality. The equally effective “No Actions No Regrets” hooks you from the very first note. The closing section includes “I’ll Pay You Back Someday” and “You Can Sleep When You’re Dead” both of which further underline the band's credentials.

The Windupdeads have written, performed and released an album that will gain them a lot of recognition. The tour of the States will help spread the word even wider. If they can repeat the formula without becoming too predictable then The Windupdeads could wind up very well known indeed.

Visit The Windupdeads Official Website or their Myspace Profile for tour dates and album news.

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