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Music Review: The Vores – Moment Of Uncertainty

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There was a time when I liked nothing better than to put records on the stereo that I just knew would irritate the crap out of everybody in the surrounding area. This usually happened on Friday nights in college. If it wasn't the campus radio station it was a selection from my private stash: The Dead Boys, The Dictators, Gang Of Four… you get the idea.

The Vores make that kind of music. More important, they were makin' that kind of music back in my day. How did they manage to stay beneath my radar? Maybe Buffalo is too far from Maine? Maybe I was too busy flinging myself against the dorm room walls (watch that sheet rock!) to pay attention to the DJ's chatter.

Well, like a time capsule from the late 70's comes Moment Of Uncertainly, drawing a line directly back to the blustery & angular sounds of the past. This edition of The Vores (after a more than 20-year break) leans heavily on the "post" of post-punk and no wave. You'll hear plenty of jagged chords, chopped up arpeggios, hyperactive bass, surfy guitar, and nervous rhythms. That is, music that'll annoy the crap outa most folks in the general vicinity!

Seriously though, The Vores bring to mind the swagger of X and the expansive musicality of early Firehose — maybe with a little of Devo's sense of humor. Highlights are many: "New Personality" kicks off with a foreboding bass triplet/artificial harmonic that perfectly frames the rest of the tune. The main riff of "Stress" does indeed allow tension to build before the explosive release of each chorus. "Monster" begins with a huge, swampy chord that gives way to a series of garagey verses. It's really tough to pick a favorite here as these guys mine my favorite style from that era.

So, whether you want to annoy your neighbors or just relive a kind of magic through music that succeeds in bridging the old (damn, that word hurts here!) and the new, Moment Of Uncertainty is for you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a hole in my living room wall to patch.

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