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Music Review: The Tim Version – Decline Of The Southern Gentleman

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It’s always nice to hear a new band you have never heard before only to find out they have been around for years. Then again it is easy to miss out on a good act these days with so many to pick and choose from.  Usually I find out about a band through word of mouth or the internet, listen to what they offer, and go on with life. After hearing The Tim Version’s Decline Of The Southern Gentleman on No Idea Records, I had to find out more about them such as who are they and do they have any other material? 

Turns out they have been around for almost 10 years and have quite the fan base. They have released a few albums throughout the years and have even toured the world. How the hell could have I missed these guys?

Hailing from good ol' Gainesville, FL (yes the same city that spawned Against Me! and Hot Water Music) they pride themselves on not being well known. They don’t want to sound like everyone on the radio and they do things their way. They are an aggressive punk rock foursome that released their first album back in 1999 for the sake of music and not money or fame.  Don’t expect to see them fighting to get on the main stage of a Warped Tour because they could care less.

The Tim Version has been labeled as an anti-band for the way they approach the music business as far as avoiding sponsorships and not caring about touring in a bus. But in fact these guys define what a real band should be. They play their hearts out at every show and cram themselves in a van for tours. Luxury is not in their vocabulary and they sure as hell are not about to learn it.

The Decline Of The Southern Gentlemen starts out powerful and aggressive like many other punk acts do, but opener “Shin Splints” just really seemed to grab me and slap me in the face. The vocals were a little more belligerent and the guitar solo towards the end really made for a great introduction.

“Murder” continued the strong feel to this album with hard raspy vocals supported with back-ups. Better yet was the awesome harmonica. Then there was “Tim Dorsey Writes Non-Fiction” which reminded me a lot of Rancid mixed with a little Hot Water Music. 

“Too Many Saturday Nights” completely slammed the brakes on this CD. The track was more of something along the lines of a drunken sing-along, but with everyone not knowing the lyrics and being confused.  It was tough to listen to this track after I was treated to such off the wall punk rock beforehand.  Luckily the following track “Paradise By The Fluorescent Lights” stepped it up a bit with a more brutal sound.  The energy in this song made me want to jump around and freak out.

Punk rock jam “Mark's Albatross” was less aggressive and more sober than what I had heard earlier. The track was about going all out while on the town. I really got a kick out of the lyric “Did Hank Williams ever ask if Christ just knows how bad it gets after one night on the town?”

“Skilled Labor” was a track worthy of having fans climb over one another just to help scream the lyrics into the microphone. Closing track “League Minimum” was the perfect example of a good time amongst friends.  This boondocks drunk sounding jam is a dedication to fellow friends and bands that had to put up with The Tim Version at one time.

This is one of those punk rock albums that grew on me instantly. It’s like listening to the Dropkick Murphy’s without the Irish based attitude. I almost feel bad for just finding out about them. But now that I have I will be telling all of my punk rock friends about them. 

If you are into the punk rock scene for the music and not the fashion, and have not heard of the Tim Version you better get acquainted with them. They are the one of the better punk bands out there you may have never heard of and should have years ago.

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