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Music Review: The Simpsons – Testify

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The Simpsons bring us a new soundtrack compilation featuring basically every song from the last eight seasons. Is it a must-have? Eh, not really. Is it worth a listen? Sure.

The disc contains everything from jingles to musical numbers. Some standouts on this disc: "Ode to Branson" and the Christian rock "He's the Man" are two great ones. So is "Jellyfish," the big band ballad.

One of the best tracks is Weird Al Yankovic’s clever "Homer & Marge" (based on John Mellencamp’s “Jack & Diane”). They were clever on the show and they make good stand-alone songs. These tracks include bits of dialogue that are funny even without being book-ended by a full episode.

Of course, there are some tracks that feel like a stretch. Much of the dialogue that prefaces the Krusty Burger jingle “Tastes Like Liberty” is irrelevant and confusing out-of-context of the episode. And “We Are The Jockeys” was not funny in an episode; taking it out (even out of a crappy episode) does not make the song any better.

A number of tracks on this disc are funny little ditties that are the kind of things that get stuck in your head and have you humming them for days after seeing the episode. “Island of Sirens,” based on “Copacabana” is one of them. “They’ll Never Stop The Simpsons” is another. Or the clip from Smithers’s Malibu Stacy play, “Sold Separately.”

The four unaired bonus tracks are not particularly interesting. Two are finished songs cut from episodes, and after listening to them, you can see why they were cut. They are not particularly clever or interesting. One song is a demo with studio singers standing in for the regular cast, and the final song is a pretty good psychedelic rock riff from series composer Alf Clausen.

Overall, the disc will only appeal to fanatical The Simpsons fans. Casual viewers would be better off just buying the DVDs

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