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Music Review: The Saints – A New Kind of Patriot

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Chris Webster, lead singer and guitarist of The Saints, is pissed off and he wants you to know it. From the opening sample on “Sledgehammer” from Napoleon Dynamite to the end of the their May 2005 self-release, A New Kind of Patriot, the band throws down the gauntlet on the Bush administration, corporate America, and anything else that happens to find itself under Chris’ laser focus.

Hailing from Malcom, Neb., Ben Webster on drums, and Jason Vculek on bass fills out the roster of this three-piece act whose sound is a mixture of Pantera–esque metal with a dash of D.R.I. thrash-punk and just enough blues styling to keep the guys grounded – the music and the message is heavy. But the music is also real and drives at you in a way the vast majority of commercial pop pap currently filling the airwaves never could.

On the title track, we hear a vapid Britney Spears describe how we should all blindly trust our president just like she does. The guitar quickly crescendos over Spears with a pounding drum assault helping to lead the charge. Chris growls out the lyrics; "Fox News, ABC…/I believe everything I see/Because everything our Government says is fact/Just read the Patriot Act/A new kind of patriot/A new kind of idiot/A new kind of hypocrite/A new kind of patriot" Let there be no doubt where Chris stands on the subject.

The album continues on the political and social critique path with wise usage of samples between songs. We hear former Attorney General John Ashcroft sing “Let the Eagles Soar,” as well as the violently beautiful crime scene monologue by Willem Defoe in the movie The Boondock Saints. Chris credits the movie with helping the band get back together after they’d hit something of a slide as well as their namesake.

Its obvious listening to A New Kind of Patriot that Chris has a wide musical repertoire to pull from, as the album includes a cover of Hank Williams Sr. “Lost Highway” and “Six More Miles.” Previous albums have included covers of Ice-T’s metal band Body Count.

The 13 tracks on A New Kind of Patriot will leave your ears bleeding and your darkened soul satisfied. Head on over to the boy’s myspace page, pick up a copy and help keep the underground music scene alive!

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