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Music Review: The Plea – Modern Chaos

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“Hello” say Ireland’s The Plea on the emphatic opening track to their excellent debut album Modern Chaos. It is the perfect introduction to the band and the album, and immediately demands your attention with its energetic, anthemic and ‘feel good’ hook.

Formed in the County of Donegal on the northern coast of Ireland, The Plea are Denny Doherty on vocals, keys and guitars, guitarist brother Dermot, drummer Gerry Strawbridge and bass player Paul Toland. Together, they have worked up an album that is bright and breezy and laden with catchy guitar driven songs that will stay in your mind long after the you finish playing it.

Their ability to write instantly memorable tracks is never stronger than with that opener, "Hello", or the equally strong “Nothin’ But Trouble”. The latter is a guitar laden, swaggering romp of a song that sounds like you already know this band and know them well.

“It’s This Mess” arrives gently with a rather simple yet totally effective chiming guitar and easy chorus. It builds again into another well written anthem.

The Plea sometimes manage to sit in the unikely ether, somewhere between fellow Irishmen U2 but with the odd touch of Coldplay along the way. However, they do so with a confident style of their own. This is never more the case than on “It’s The Mess” a song that highlights their impressive potential.

The Plea are a band that are seemingly able to write strong anthems that must make their gigs come instantly alive. Modern Chaos is positively brimming full of examples of this free flowing, effortless songwriting skill.

The standout “Windchime” is an excellent track and brings to life vague memories of Richard Ashcroft and The Verve but having been given a whole new breath of life along the way. In all The Plea have produced something than sparkles class and quality.

It is strikingly obvious that all this band need is that old fashioned breakthrough single and I am sure that having listened to, and been really impressed by this album, that I’ve just heard it. Songs like “Hello”, “Forever Gone”, “Burning Brightly” and “Nothin’ But Trouble” just demand that kind of exposure.

Certainly anyone who has seen the band will know this album already as the band have been known to play it all the way through. There must be something in the water in Ireland at the moment what with bands of the quality of the Thin Lizzy-influenced Glyder, the all out rock of The Answer and now the melodic hooks of The Plea.

Other highlights include “Beatnick Street” a track that shows that the confidence to go with the song is simply shining through. Throughout the album The Plea never take their collective foot out of the well of classy material they seem able to dip into at will. Modern Chaos is consistent, classy and most of all catchy.

This will do nicely and, if there is any justice, will see them break out of their homeland and out onto the airwaves. Their influences are clear and yet in a way they have actually written some tracks that those same influences would no doubt proud of. An excellent debut.

Have a listen by visiting The Plea's MySpace Page where you can hear some of the tracks and watch videos from the album.

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