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Music Review: The Not-Its – Time Out to Rock

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The Not-Its, a rocking band from Seattle, release their latest entry in the children’s music genre, Time Out to Rock, on July 20. It’s a collection of musical fun produced by a high energy group of talented musicians. Putting relatable topics to music, the Not-Its provide kids with the opportunity to rock out without their parents freaking out. While children are attracted to popular music regardless of the genre, it is gratifying for parents and others who care to be able to supply them with music comprised of themes appropriate to their developmental stages.

Songs that address the experiences of children give them a chance to express and explore what they feel, rather than imitate what older kids might be experiencing and feeling. Our society induces children to grow up rapidly; it’s refreshing to be able to access entertainment that allows them to enjoy their childhood without pushing them too far into the future. There may be reassuring messages in some of the songs (reminding kids that they are not alone, that others share their thoughts and feelings), but the overall message listeners get from the Not-Its is “have fun.”

First-time listeners may expect a less polished performance from the group, and might appreciate a sound that is a little edgier, a little more rock ‘n' roll. The Not-Its, however, provide skillful, professional performances, with Sarah Shannon delivering solid vocals that would be at home on a Broadway stage.

Not-Its fans will enjoy the eleven cuts on Time Out to Rock for both their imaginative lyrics and jaunty rhythms. The selections cover a variety of topics and invite kids to learn them quickly and sing along. A twist on traditional punishment, there is “Time Out to Rock,” which seems so much better than standing in a corner, and the group offers an ode to an unusual animal in “Cheetah the Buffalo.” Who doesn’t want to be “First Kid in Outer Space” or change his or her luck? There’s even a song for the new kid, “Welcome to Our School.”

Comfortable lyrics, kickin’ sounds, and the invitation to get up and shake it make Time Out to Rock a positive addition to family music collections. It may even inspire a little imagination and creativity, especially in the wardrobe department.

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