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Music Review: The Gaslight Anthem – Senor and the Queen EP

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The Gaslight Anthem may have only been around for a short time but they have dedication and musical abilities much higher than bands that have been around for years.  The recently released the four song EP Senor and the Queen under Subot Productions. It's a follow up to their highly raved debut Sink or Swim.

The band hails from New Bruswick, NJ and has been together for less than three years.  Their musical style is more rock n roll with punk rock mixed in.  They seem to always be on tour and have even been declared one of Alternative Press’ 100 bands to watch in 2008.

Sounding almost like the Descendants, minus the nerdiness, “Senor and Queen” starts off the EP.  This high spirited song about wanting to know more about a certain lady is my first taste of The Gaslight Anthem and I must say I am impressed.  The lyrics are well written and the music interlocks perfectly.

“Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?” follows the first track but takes a different approach musically.  The song is more of a rock rather punk.  The singing is a bit raspy but strong, telling a more personal story about having a soft side while being a tough guy.

“Say I Won’t (Recognize)” was a good track with the tempo speeding up and slowing down to almost a railroad sing-along and then speeding up again.  It’s more of an invite to a special someone to come to a party and dance.

The final track on the EP “Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts” really made me think of Bruce Springsteen for some reason.  The lyrics speak of  hometown events and confessions and are sung softly with back-up vocals.

After hearing this EP, I will have to agree with Alternative Press and say that this band is going to be getting some attention this year.  For an EP that started out so strong it seemed to simmer down to almost a weak whisper.  The more rock over punk style left me wanting much more from The Gaslight Anthem.  Luckily this EP is not their first release and their debut, Sink Or Swim is out there to satisfy my craving. 

The punk rock-n-roll genre that this band accompanies is welcome to my ears anytime.  Fans of American Steel, Flatliners, and even the Loved Ones should check out this EP.


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  • all_arm

    although i love both bands, the gaslight anthem does not sound ANYTHING like the descendents.