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Music Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian soundtrack

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I wrote an article recently about the presence of “magic” in the new addition to The Chronicles of Narnia movies. But after seeing Disney’s Prince Caspian, the magical elements of the story didn’t catch my attention as much as the music. The score alone created the mood and upheld the fantasy of this movie. It was completely mesmerizing, and the soundtrack is no different.

The majority of this CD is composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, a British film score composer. As well as The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, his other titles include Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (one of my favorites), Man on Fire (my husband’s favorite), and The Number 23 (which if you haven’t seen, could soon become one of your favorites).

Gregson-Williams has a great mix of instruments and moods in the pieces featured on the Prince Caspian soundtrack. This is music I can listen to while writing or even exercising, or, to tell you the truth, I turn up the first track called “Prince Caspian Flees” and play Lego® Starwars. It's very appropriate background music for the exploding Lego people!

The album also includes the song played during the credits, “The Call” by Regina Spektor, as well as “The Dance ‘Round the Memory Tree” by Oren Lavie and Hanne Hukkelberg’s “Lucy,” which was not featured in the film.

The one thing I don’t understand about this album is why they marketed it with “This is Home” by Switchfoot. That is the worst song on the CD. I can hardly listen through once without choking on the contrast of Oren Lavie’s soothing voice and the alternative rock style of Switchfoot.  

The real selling point of this album is Regina Spektor’s The Call. This song embodies the entire movie. And it’s just a beautiful piece. Sometimes Spektor’s music is simply bizarre, but her voice was absolutely beautiful, and the accompaniment just as captivating.

I highly recommend this soundtrack for anyone who has seen Prince Caspian. The music will take you back to the fantasy realm of Narnia. But I do have to say, even if you haven’t seen the movie, this CD contains some amazing music you wouldn’t want to miss.

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  • Pebble

    I really like The Call and This is Home

  • aly

    he so babyish and does absolutly nothing at all but makes things worse and yes hes cute

  • ngfedkytedkjtr

    i hate prince caspian

  • Ron

    I also like “The Call” alot. But the musical arrangement is also great. Who is the composer of this arrangement? Also, when will Reginal Spector do a U.S tour? If you have answers to either of these questions please e-mail it to rowith49@hotmail.com and/or post it on this forum. Thanks!

  • i like the music of The Chroniceles of Narnia Prince Caspian…![;

  • Ryan a.k.a awakeningourdreams

    Hmm… I thorougly enjoyed your review. 🙂
    No doubt that “The Call” is a truly fantastic song in every respect. I take issue with “This is Home” and what you said about it. Lyrically, it defines the movie, promotion-wise, its the most radio friendly song, moreso than “The Call. Lead singer of SF, Jon Foreman, wrote the song for Disney and couldn’t have done a better job.

    Perhaps “This is Home” isn’t your musical taste, which is all cool. 🙂 Worst song on cd? Far from it, BEST SONG ON CD. :p

  • Job

    Wow… I think Switchfoot’s song is the best song of the three. It’s sound is the most expansive and epic, and fits well. At least its the most upbeat for radio. And considering they have a lot more fans than Regina Spektor, and they’re more well-known, it would make sense to market Switchfoot’s song as the lead single for the album.

    Don’t get me wrong… Spektor’s song is great too, and it got played in the actual body of the movie. Last I heard, that was supposed to be Switchfoot’s song in there, but whatever. She got HUGE exposure that way.

    Otherwise, great review! =D