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Music Review: The Bomb – Speed Is Everything

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Rocking beats, darting guitars, and smart lyrics are the calling card of The Bomb, a Chicago quartet featuring ex members of Naked Raygun, The Mathadones, and The Story So Far. The 11 tacks the four lads lay out on Speed is Everything, released on No Idea Records,  are pounding feedback driven post-punk rockers with short poetry notebook kinda lyrics.

The Bomb is fronted by Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun fame and he brings his mellow punk style to the band with the sharp and deadly cadences from Pete Mittler and Mike Soucy of The Methadones setting the scene for him.

Speed Is Everything is the followup to their first release on Thick Records and No Idea Records.

The balance of fist pumping and chest thumping on Speed Is Everything is beautiful, the record jumps up and down, takes a breather, then goes back to bouncing and shouting. It is constantly moving and never feels dull. The album is recorded with sparkling clarity by J. Robbins of Jawbox, etc fame – Robbins along with Bob Nanna of Braid, Dan Yemen of Paint it Black makes a guest appearance on the album.

The sound of The Bomb is similar to a hopped up Fugazi or Shellac. The power the exhibit on each track sucks the listener in and the 11 tracks fly by, so you wanna hear them again. The strongest tracks are “Haver,” a smarmy bouncy adrenaline filled sing-a-long; “Integrity,” a punk rock shouter; “A Song For The Helenas,” a softer love song; and “Spaceman,” a dreamy rocker with extra catchy beats but each song fits together well and flows smoothly and rocks nicely.

Pezzati’s lyrics: “Our dancing days aren’t here again/ You were a sucker a sucker for that song/(You’re)Lying all about the lie/And when you sing along you’re wrong,” “How come the darkness/devours the light,” and “you were always going to be a spaceman/You would take a rocket to the sky/But you just ended up takin’ up a lot of space, man/You were taken for a great big ride,” and “I’ll sing about you/And you will never even know my name,” are highlights in The Bomb. But the simple song structures allow your whole body to jump into his feelings and the beats carry you along.

Find The Bomb online at their MySpace profile page and see what they are up to.

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