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Music Review: The Blackout – The Best In Town

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Post-Hardcore rockers The Blackout may have already turned some heads overseas previously in the U.K. but that was not good enough for them.  The band recently recorded their second full length appropriately titled The Best In Town, signed to Epitaph Records, and now plan on invading the U.S. with their infectious music. The Blackout should have no problem doing so with a pretty intense album full of hard rock riffs and dual vocals that are sure to attract a much wider audience in due time.

Track opener "ShutTheFuckUppercut" immediately has The Blackout declaring they desire attention with sick guitar playing, gut wrenching vocals, and even harmonious signing layered with piano.  If the title of the song alone did not capture attention, the song itself surely would.  Think hard rock mixed with post-hardcore and even some glam.

"Saves Our Selves (The Warning)" takes more of an emo Taking Back Sunday approach with a good rock feel. With no intentions of boring their listeners, The Blackout keep their first single off the album very interesting throughout proving the band really wants the spotlight fame they crave. 

"Top Of The World" continues with a more rock song that many fans, old and new, will be singing along to instantly.  "Children Of The Night", the albums second single, carries on with a harder rock playing and multiple vocals including haunting children signing that could easily could accompany a modern day Lost Boys soundtrack. 

"Silent (When We Speak)" slows down things for a moment and begs for lighters to be raised in the air and ignited with this ballad of sorts complete with your trademark guitar solo sure to set the mood right.  

Dual vocal battle track "I Love Myself and I Wanna Live" mixed up aggressive rock with more emo type jams for a highly addicting track.  Album closer "We're Going To Hell… So Bring The Sunblock" not only had another hilarious title for a song but also escalated the energy of the band once again for a damn good finish to an album.

When Epitaph Records signs a band to their label there usually has to be a good vibe about that act.  The Blackout are full of energy and musical abilities that will easily grab the attention of many and prove that Epitaph was right in adding them to their roster.  Fans of post-hardcore bands and emo acts should check out The Best In Town as it is an album that will not dissappoint.

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