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Music Review: The Bacon Brothers – New Year’s Day

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Many people have witnessed the turn actors take to music – some with success, some not so much. With The Bacon Brothers, long time actor Kevin Bacon appears to be one of the exceptions to this cross-over phenomenon. Kevin, along with older brother, Michael, who has been a professional musician since the late 1960s, have gathered themselves a nice and tidy little following, a following which may greatly increase after the gritty sounds of their newest release, New Year’s Day, is heard.

Fourteen years after it’s beginning, The Bacon Brothers are still going strong with their sixth and latest release, New Year’s Day. With their trademark rockin' sound and look out world lyrics, the Bacon Brothers will thrill old and new fans alike. While listening, I was reminded a bit of the 60s “free love groove” on a couple of songs, such as “New Year’s Day” (with lyrics: “head down to the playground of the stars / So you brush your teeth and you smoke some dope, but there’s Mr. T, the velvet rope and all the pretty people”) and “Go My Way”. On the flip side, New Year’s Day also includes songs that touch the soul, such as “Children” (with lyrics: “Please don’t hurt the children, please lay down the rod / Please don‘t send your bombs in and say you‘re doing the work of God“), “Bitter Man” and “Eye of the Storm”.

The vocal talents of Kevin and Michael shine through each song, as well as the writing talents of both. Other band members include: Paul Guzzone on bass, Ira Siegel on guitar, Frank Vilardi on drums, and Charlie Giordano on keyboards. As a little something extra, Kevin’s son, Travis Bacon, also makes an appearance on “Wild Life” with an awesome guitar solo.

The entire album of New Year’s Day will get your body swaying and grooving, put a smile on your face and leave you hitting that replay button over and over again. Anyone who has not listened to The Bacon Brothers will be in for a delightful surprise, I think. With a mixture of soul, underlying twinges of metal, and gritty rock, New Year’s Day displays many layers of the music venue and style. It appears that The Bacon Brothers keep getting better with time and promises great things for the future!

As The Bacon Brothers tour this summer and fall, be on the lookout for them rocking out at an area near you.  You can check out their schedule, as well as find out all there is to find out at their site: The Bacon Brothers  If you're lucky, you may even win a chance to star in a video and dance on stage with The Bacon Brothers and their band!

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