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Music Review: TEPR – “Coke and Cream”

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TEPR. A Google search returns these acronyms: Towards the Electronic Patient Record and Technology Entrepreneurs of Puerto Rico. I have no fricken idea what TEPR really stands for, if it is even an acronym at all, because i don't speak french. Perhaps it is a missing-vowel web 2.0 spelling a la flickr. At any rate, I don't even give two diddlies about what it really means, because I just can't stop listening to it.

Evidently French guys really know how to shake some ass. TEPR, which may or may not consist of one wacky frenchman (information is limited), is just plain silly fun. Recipe for TEPR song: One part M83 (the fun part), two parts dance, a dash of arcade and top it off with a healthy dose of squealing keys. Result: over 5 minutes (a generous helping!) of Instant Party. This song is everything there is to like about M83 (one of my favorite french electro-outfits) without all that downer seriousness.

It's got beyond cheezy riffs. It's got a throbTEPRbing beat. It's just plain begging to be played at your house party as soon as that one group of cute girls are thinking of leaving cause they aren't sure if it's really the kinda party they go for plus they went out to dance anyways. Because it will make them dance. And stay for hours.

TEPR is potentially be releasing an EP entitled En Direct de la Cote (Google translation = On Line of the Dimension?) on November 27th. Or, perhaps it was already released last November. No matter. Just listen to it.

[mp3 – Coke and Cream]

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    En direct de la côte means “Live from the coast”