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Music Review: TAT – Soho Lights

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In the London speak of old, the word ‘tat’ means trash, rubbish, junk. In today’s London speak TAT means one of the most exciting, up and coming bands on the circuit. They pushed their way through the capital’s underground, selling ten thousand independently produced records along the way. They are an energized, rock/punk, three piece band who are on the verge of breaking out.

TAT attracted the attention of US producers Russ-T Cobb and Dean Dichoso and together they are about to release their debut album Soho Lights (US release date October 28). The America connection came about when they were scheduled to play eight dates on the US Warped Tour of 2006. Suddenly, they found themselves booked to do a total of twenty-eight. Already, it seemed that their potential was being recognized.

Fronted by lead singer and guitarist Tatiana DeMaria, TAT are also bass player Nick Kent and drummer Jake Reed. Tatiana certainly has all the potential to become a ‘star’. Yes I know, I hate that expression too but she does, and that’s the only way to say it. She has a presence and a voice that are certainly something special. TAT are not one person though and Nick and Jake complete a band that is oh so tight, confident, and dynamic. Also, they possess loads of attitude.

They can write catchy hooks, aggressive rock, and chuck in some punk to great effect. This year not only welcomes Soho Lights but has also seen them supporting Alice Cooper. The time is right and they stand on the verge of huge-dom.

For anyone in the know, this is merely stating what has been obvious to them throughout their three year existence. For those that haven’t quite got it yet, this album will throttle your senses and will be hard to miss. “Everything I Want” is the stuff that the dreaded aforementioned stardom is made of. “Road To Paradise”, “Sympathetic Lies”, and “I Don’t Want To (Love You)” have the band on fire with lyrics delivered with a huge punch.

“Here’s To You” has Tatiana powerfully spitting out a tough put down. It’s a great example of that TAT attitude and when she belts out that chorus you are irrevocably hooked.

“Diamond Girl” has more punk laden power. “Taking It All” is wrapped up in riffs. The melodically “Stay Up” is a huge stand out track that is massively successful in every way.

“Sandra D” switches pace and has Tatiana singing ‘look at me I’m not Sandra Dee I’m just a little girl trapped in my own world’. There are riff fest openings on “Take You Home”, and “You Hero”. Soho Lights closes down with “Live For Rock” and leaves you salivating for more.

With production that captures the band in all their raw, straight on energy Soho Lights is an album that should kick this band forward a long way.

In short it’s attitude. That word that is so often just missing in action or worst still badly attempted. You can’t buy it, you can’t invent it, and you certainly can’t pretend it. You either have it or forget it. There is enough anger, passion, and shocking honesty in this band. It’s a powerful mix and they have it down just right. The future could be TAT, in its newer 2008 meaning.

Check out TAT on their official Myspace Profile.

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  • Jesse Smith

    Tat is AMAZING! absolutely love them. Make sure to catch them every year they play warped tour near home so as soon as they become famous, i’ll be happy to say I saw them before they made it big =) can’t wait to pick up this cd as soon as it comes out tuesday.

  • Jeff

    Hi Jesse – thanks for this ! You’re right TAT are something else. You will love this CD – and you’re right it’s great to get into a band right from the start especially when they get big ! Let me know what you think when you hear it.

  • Philip M

    I have been a fan for a couple of years and have followed their tour in the UK. They have fantastic energy, very original lyrics and i love the tracks. I still have the first few tracks released and still play they over and over on my headphones riding my scooter in to work!!! Massively inspirational!

  • Karri

    I have loved TAT for a long, long time.

    It’s amazing to see others finally getting into them too!

    I can’t wait for them to truly hit it big!