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Music Review: Switchfoot – The Best Yet

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If you are a big fan of a laid-back rock sound, you will absolutely love Switchfoot’s newest studio album, The Best Yet. Featuring a great amount of strong, beautiful instrumentation, Switchfoot provides a relaxing listening experience that impacts the listener like no other. The band has a rich and extensive history, and this album features the crème-de-la-crème of their illustrious musical career.

Switchfoot is probably best known for their hit songs “Meant To Live” and “Dare You To Move.” However, there is a great amount of diverse material on the album, and from a “greatest hits” aspect, this is stellar. While many greatest hits albums from other artists suffer the pitfall of featuring too many songs that sound exactly the same, nothing seems to be the same on Switchfoot’s release. In fact, it is one of the best greatest hits albums in its genre for just that reason.

Listeners will really enjoy listening to the different approaches Switchfoot takes with its music. One thing Switchfoot does well with this release is evoke strong emotion in their listeners, and the instrumental melodic diversity is a key part of this.

“This Is Home” is a soft, piano-enthused album cut that may be the best song offered in this collection. A steady rock version was produced from the original cut, made for a Disney production. “This Is Home” is one of the best singles I have personally heard in a while.

This album is a great listen and something that will make any open-minded music lover very happy. A deluxe version of the CD is also available for any diehard fans or those who want more Switchfoot. The deluxe version comes with an additional DVD.

This album may not be for diehard, from-the-beginning fans of the band, simply because of the amount of track repetition, but for those who are looking to explore a new band or just get immersed in the pleasant sounds from Switchfoot, this album is a great investment.

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