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Music Review: Stomptown Revival – Stomptown Revival

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While Stomptown Revival is a new group, the sounds they produce will be familiar to many of their listeners. Brandon Bee and Gabe Martinez have put together a combination of independent rock with a dash of blues. A much more subtle note is the religious message within each selection. Some are blatantly obvious in tone, while others whisper the concept.

“Guiding Me Home” sounds like a a plaintive tune all about trying to get home to the place one knows best. The theme is trying to get home safely, which listeners could take in with a sense of melancholy. Instead, it has a steady beat which evokes a song one can easily tap toes to. Despite this, the song is still an interesting one.

“Waiting For The Man” is my favorite out of all six selections. The tune is catchy, while using a strong message of surviving throughout difficult circumstances. A harmonic playing in the background makes for a solid performance.

“Born Again” is a bit more religious than “Guiding Me Home.” The instrument of choice is a guitar, with just Bee and Martinez singing. Harmonica? It pops its head in for a few beats, then disappears. This is to enhance the song rather than to overwhelm it. Having wisdom gained as a result of growing older and maturing is a good theme.

“The Anthem of Love” has a harder beat. After all, anthems are supposed to be joyous and adept at getting people to their feet and applauding. Gospel lovers will be thrilled with this tune since it is much like the gospel hits people like Kirk Franklin put out. “The Sun Will Find A Way” slows things down. The concept here is for listeners to be comforted in the midst of hard times.

“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” is probably the song title most familiar to listeners. A tune found in many a hymnbook, I fully expected this to be the one I wanted to hear most. Rather, it turned out to be the one I enjoyed least. Too much loud guitar and booming vocals made it hard to pick out the basic melody.

Even with only a handful of songs, there is at least one tune which any listener should enjoy hearing. The key is to keep a close ear on the beat and pay careful attention to the words.

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