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Music Review: Steve Adey – All Things Real

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Steve Adey is an amazingly talented artist based out of Scotland whom you probably haven't heard of before because he's spent most of his adult life recording other people's music. All Things Real is his shot at doing his own work, with the support of some of the artists he's worked with in the past. And one thing is real… All Things Real is bound to strike a chord with those looking for soothing, calm music to enjoy, perhaps while reading a good book, sitting back on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

In his solo debut, where he wrote all the music and words, Adey touches heaven at times with tracks where his voice reverberates, surrounded by the atmospheres the music creates. The perfect track in here is "Mississippi," one that reminded me of The Blue Nile when I first heard it (thanks, I must say, to Last.FM radio). However, throughout most of the album his voice has a timbre that reminds of Bocelli a bit more, though not as strong.

'Nuf said: get your copy of All Things Real. And if the price in Amazon strikes you as high (you may get lucky with a used copy, though), download it from iTunes for $10.

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  • arnim

    “… where he wrote all the music and words” … except when he he didn’t, like I See a Darkness (Will Oldham), Shelter from the Storm (Bob Dylan), and Evening of the Day (Douglas MacDonald).

  • Thanks for pointing it out. I will make the correction. I purchased the album through iTunes, but that is no excuse for this overlook on my part!