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Music Review: Soundtrack – Music From And Inspired By Spider-Man 3

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Is it me or does it seems that the Spider-Man soundtracks get better with each release? If you can recall, the first Spider-Man soundtrack was full of bands that ruled the charts such as Alien Ant Farm and who could forget the Chad Kroeger / Josey Scott duet. It was a pretty solid release at the time. The Spider-Man 2 soundtrack upped the first release by having Dashboard Confessional and Jet appear with some memorable tunes but still lacked having an entire album that was full of good music. This year Spider-Man 3 came out and along with it comes the soundtrack that features bands that are topping the charts today such as The Killers, Snow Patrol, and The Flaming Lips.

The one thing to me that makes this album unique is that all of the bands specifically wrote songs for the soundtrack. Minus Chubby Checker of course, all of the songs were new and none were taken from any of the band’s previous albums. I can not say how many of the actual songs are featured in the movie as I was too busy enjoying the film.

Snow Patrol’s “Signal Fire” is a great song. Everything about it I like. The slow piano and guitar accompanied by the gentle signing slowly speeds up making for a great alt rock song. “Move Away” by The Killers did not move me too much but I enjoyed it for what it is worth. “Summer City” by Coconut Records on the other hand I thought was great. It is a fun summertime song that should be played with a loved one over and over.

Super rock band Jet has now a second song for a Spider-Man soundtrack, “Falling Star”. Where not as speedy as other tunes, it has a nice mellow approach. “Pleased To Meet You” by Wolfmother was one of the better tracks on the disc. It’s your typical whiny distorted rock song and it is stuck in my head still. The Walkmen’s “Red River” was another notable song, although sounding very similar to some of the other bands on the CD, I still liked it.

The band Sounds Under Radio may have been unsigned when "Portrait Of A Summer Thief" was put on the soundtrack but I am thinking that will change if it has not already. Great band with a great song.

The Flaming Lips win for the best Spider-Man song ever written, “The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be In Love”. It’s weird and fun and your typical Flaming Lips jam. I am sure a lot of folk will skip this track because of the weirdness, but I myself will not.

Overall it is a great collaboration of songs however it seems as if some songs are too soft and weak for an action hero movie. It’s not that the songs are bad, but when you think about a guy who runs around in spider pajamas fighting a man made of sand and an alien goop thing, you would think the songs would be more upbeat and heavy. If you are looking for a good mix from hit alt-rock bands then I suggest you go out and pick up this disc. It is full of great artists playing great songs thanks to a great movie.

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