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Music Review: Solitude Aeternus, Leo, Municipal Waste, Scorpions, and Soul Doctor

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Quite a nice selection this week and nary a stinker in the lot. We range from doom tinged metal to bluesy hard rock.

DVD Review

Solitude Aeternus: House of Despair

A solid DVD from Metal Mind, the Polish label that is giving the more established labels something to think about quality wise, which gives the SA a live testament to their latest tour (filmed live in Poland naturally) plus a couple of short live outings from their early days. There is an interesting interview with two key members of the band (Rob Lowe and the talkative John Peters) and the myriads of normal DVD extras. If you like solid doom played well and with oodles of passion this is the band for you. ("We do it for the music not the money.") It's no wonder that lead vocalist Rob Lowe (not the bloke from West Wing) was chosen to do double duty also fronting doom metal veterans Candlemass.

Its really true what they say… Texans get everywhere. Lets hope he is able to continue with his original band as well, as losing this version of SA would be a great shame. This is a solid release from both SA and Metal Mind. Worth seeking out for fans of the band and genre alike.

CD Reviews

Leo: Nightmares

It's rather rare a band impresses me like this that I have never heard of at all. This lot are signed and with a good PR lot as well so they snuck by quite well. Think a more mature and melodic Fall Out Boy and you would not be far off. Like FOB's stuff there is a disgusting level of catchiness on some of this stuff; just wrap your ears around "Broken Record". Then there is "Sommerset" which comes across as pure Crowded House with Ian Eddy channeling the best of the Finn lad. "Lullaby" strikes me as akin to the Goo Goo Dolls big hit "Iris."

The band take the best elements of melodic rock of the 90s and combines it with the modern rock pop sound. Yes, this album is that good and I do hope they make it huge. Wouldn't it be good for quality to show through now and again. One of the best debuts of modern rock I have heard in a very long time.

Municipal Waste: Art of Partying

They have a song on here called "Beer Pressure" just in case you thought the album title was meant to be ironic. This lot don't do irony, they don't do melodic and they don't do anything by halves. Think Anthrax before they got goofy and invented  evil rap metal. I can hear Caught in the Mosh all over this CD. It's brainless party music for the thrash fan; whether they loved it first time round in the 80s or weren't even born when the big four were at their peak. You will either love this album to bits or absolutely hate it, depending if you like party thrash or not. Now where are my "Not" shorts?

Scorpions: Humanity Hour 1

Remember before "Winds of Change" when Scorpions were one of those guilty pleasures that summed up all that was good about German Gumby metal? "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and caged women in their videos? Naff lyrics but oodles of tongue-in-cheek humour. Well, this ain't a return to the days when the Scorpions were cool, well except for the naff lyrics, but its better than some of their more recent escapades into quasi-industrial. It's a straight ahead album, a concept of sorts, about… wait for it… how f***ed humanity is. Gee, like no one else has released an album with that theme recently. High points is the decent "Love is War" with its nice guitar work which harkens back to days of old.

Anyway, it's decent heavy rock from the veteran German rockers, if nothing that special. Nothing terribly catchy or that memorable but far better than anything released of late. Approach with caution, but an open mind. It does improve with listens truth be told.

Soul Doctor: Blood Runs Cold

Think bluesy heavy rock like Tesla, Aerosmith et al and you will get this to a t. Its feel good rock about the things that matter in life… ie sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Played with a passion and an ability that is rare in any band. It's hard not to like this CD. At the risk of making you lot cringe… to loath this you got no soul. Yes, they do uber-power ballads as well… lighters in the arena pleasers like "Revolution."

It's even got a taste of that bluesy swagger of Coverdale & Co. Justine sounds like Thunder if they were from the continent. Tommy Heart is a Scandinavian Jeff Keith with all the passionate, throaty vocals that make this stuff so good! Nothing more to say… this is a damn good album from a damn good band.

Well that is your lot for this week. As always hit the live scene when ever you can and support your local bands as well. Stay safe and rocking.

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About Marty Dodge

  • This is the fourth studio offering from Soul Doctor, and to be honest this is the album that should send them to super star status all over the world.

    Ten songs, and not a filler in sight, which in its self is a rare thing these days.

    Right from the off set this collection of songs has class and style stamped all over it.

    From the title track of Blood Runs Cold to the album closer of Mr Youngblood you can not fail to be impressed with the music.

    Blue’s, classic rock, Power Ballads, its all here, and every one a gem.

    Tommy Heart (vocals) puts in an almost perfect performance along with the guitar playing of Chris Lyne, just listen to The Lie, to see how well they work off each other

    Aerosmith, Tesla, Thunder, can all be heard here, and the fact that Soul Doctor still manage to keep their own sound in amongst those influence’s can only stand as testament to how good this band are.

    If you close your eye’s you can almost see those full arena’s, and yes, complete with lighter’s being waved in the dark.

    When 2007 comes to an end this CD will easily be in my top 5.


    Tommy Heart – Vocals
    Chris Lyne – Guitars
    Jogy Rautenberg – Bass
    Michael Wolpers – Drums
    Track Listing: Track Listing

    Blood Runs Cold
    Laugh in The Face of Danger
    Touch of Love
    The Ocean
    The Lie
    Mr Youngblood.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Yea..I tried to submit a review on Municipal Waste but it wasn’t accepted because it supposedly reeked of spelling & grammar errors.
    As for that album…It’s the best Thrash offering since the 80’s and they have been only getting better since their 2003 semi-major release.

    Rob Lowe’s debut with Candlemass is very,very good & King of the Grey Islands is the best Candlemass album since Tales of Creation.

    Both of these CDs are a must have for any Metal fan… Great Review!!