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Music Review: Sly & The Family Stone – Small Talk

The re-release of the Sly & The Family Stone catalog by Epic Records is a long overdue project. The remastered albums sound better than ever, bringing the musical magic of the Sly’s Fam back into the spotlight. The re-releases are sure to be sought after collectors item as all seven Sly & The Family Stone albums are available in a limited edition box set.

One of the disc included in the set, Small Talk, found its way across my desk recently, and the Family Stone revival has been officially on ever since. Small Talk was the last album by the groove collective, and considered by some to be one of their most melodic albums while criticized by many for its subdued sound.  It came at the end of the band’s career and serves as a fitting ending to one of the greatest bands of all time.

Small Talk opens up with the sounds of what has to be baby Sylvester and his father talking as the title track music lightly thumps in the back. From there the CD quickly shuffles to the Family Stone grooves of the reassuring “Mother Beautiful”. Small Talk features the hit singles “Time For Livin'’”, a song that would be the last top 40 hit for the Family Stone as well as the old school, sample favorite “Loose Booty ” both songs are complete with unreleased alternative version bonus tracks. Other highlights are “ Better Thee Than Me”, the previously unreleased bonus tracks “Crossword Puzzle” and the instrumental “Positive”. Get your copy of this re-release now before it follows in its creator’s path and becomes almost impossible to find.
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