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Music Review: Sheryl Crow – Miles From Memphis: Live at the Pantages Theatre [Blu-ray]

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Sheryl Crow’s Miles From Memphis: Live at the Pantages Theatre was filmed in November of 2010. The two-hour concert features 18 tracks along with some brief behind the scenes footage. Fans of Crow will be happy to hear a good selection of her biggest hits as well as several songs from her latest album 100 Miles from Memphis.

On 100 Miles from Memphis Crow infused her usual sound with a light soul sound. This soul vibe is present during this concert performance. The horn section and backing vocalists help keep the soul sound at the forefront  throughout the show. The band keeps the energy level high throughout, while at the same time getting into a comfortable groove. Highlights of the concert are a slightly different take on “Every Day is a Winding Road,” a bluesy “A  Change Will Do You Good,” and the show-stopping concert ender “I Shall Believe.” I was also glad to hear some deeper tracks like “Redemption Day” and “Can’t Cry Anymore.”

The stage setup is fairly basic, with minimal lighting and stage setup. The focus is clearly on the music. Crow’s experience as a performer shows. She seems completely at ease on the stage and allows her band to jam during many of the songs. In this concert she does not play her guitar or bass as much as I have seen in the past. She sits at the piano for “I Shall Believe,” otherwise she leaves things up to the musicians on stage.

This concert is presented in 1080i/AVC transfer with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. The picture is sharp and clear. The detail is excellent and the color has a lot of depth and richness. I thought the video presentation was quite impressive, especially for a concert film.

The sound is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and in Dolby Digital 5.1. The surrounds are used quite effectively with separation of all the music elements and the crowd noise in the background. The mix provides a full sound with the vocals being crisp and clear and the rhythm section well defined.

A behind the scenes look at the concert is the only special feature on this disc. Crow discusses the tour and the band members over backstage footage. The real highlight of this feature is the rehearsal performances of “Eye to Eye” and “Stop,” which did not appear during the feature presentation.

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