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Music Review: Serpenteens – The Superhuman Monstershow

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Looking for something that's a little pop, a little punk, a little horror show, and all rock? Well, Serpenteens' The Superhuman Monstershow may be the album you have been looking for. The music doesn't take itself too seriously, but still delivers quality. They come from a vein similar to The Misfits, but take a bit more of a pop direction. It is music that you can turn on, turn up, and just rock out to.

I first heard the Serpenteens on their Myspace page, and was intrigued by what I heard. It was not the type of music that you are going to hear on the local rock station, nor is it the music you are likely to find marketed at your local chain music store. This is the kind of music that you discover by surfing the web, or by going to a local cock show because you were curious as to what a "serpenteen" is.

These local club excursions can turn into rewarding experiences, I know I have found a few good acts by doing this. Now, I did not discover Serpenteens through the local scene, but it sort of feels that way, the sound is definitely underground, and may have a limited appeal (at least until the rest of the population gets infected), plus I got the disk in a plan white paper slip cover, reminiscent of getting the local bands demos.

When I pressed play and was greeted with "Gimme a double shot of cyanide!" at the start of "Make Sure That I'm Dead," I knew I was in for a good time. The music is upbeat, catchy, and bound to get your inner monster all riled up. The music combines the horror elements that work so well for bands like the previously mentioned Misfits, Rob Zombie, and Wednesday 13, with a sound that is reminiscent of those other acts (mainly Misfits), but manages to forge its own direction, cutting a bloody swathe through any preconceptions.

This release combines 7 new monsterpop (as the band calls their music) tunes along with 4 live cuts. It clocks in at just under 30 minutes, so the style does not overstay its welcome, but at the same time I really wish it was longer. The songs are fun, clever, and I can imagine them being an absolute blast live. Listening to the new studio tracks, I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, as the disk is fun from start to finish.

The opener, "Make Sure That I'm Dead," is one that will dig in and get you ready for the rest. The slowed down acoustic driven "Tonight" puts a little twist on the standard rock ballad, and that is followed by "Horrorhead" with its surfer-ish feel. Not to be forgotten is the title track, "The Superhuman Monstershow," which is just insanely catchy. The live tracks are just as good, hinting at the fun that is sure to be had. I cannot imagine not having an absolute blast. Horror themed party rock is a winner in my book, and for my money we don't have enough of it.

The band is fronted by Gee Grant, better known as the Alphamayle to fans, who has an interesting voice that sounds like a mix between Ozzy and Michele Graves. Joining him are Mark "Bub" Zap on bass, Frank N. Stein on guitar, and Glenn "The Creature" Sorino on drums. Together they deliver a blast of horror injected music that cannot be denied.

Bottomline. These guys are a lot of fun, this disk is a testament to an under-served subgenre. This brand of music, dubbed monsterpop, is music that is infectious, contagious, and deviously catchy. It won't be long before you get sucked in and groove to the rhythm.

Highly Recommended.

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