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Music Review: Serenity Dies – Hacksawcracy

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It is a dark day in paradise. Maldives is the last place anyone would expect a thrash metal band to emerge, but Serenity Dies has done just that. Taking influence from the greats, Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth, Serenity Dies has created a brand of thrash metal all their own with the soon to be released album, Hacksawcracy.

Like many bands in the realm of thrash, Serenity Dies is anti-government. Their lyrics speak of overbearing governments, war mongering dictators, and losing all hope in the system. In the song "Dystopian Law" Chuck sings: "Endless woe, so it seems/New world order is deceit/Live your life on truth, that seem so false/War the plot they made it for, so deceiving."

The album name, Hacksawcracy, is a play on the anti-government theme, alluding to the government's ability to destroy. Concluding the title track the following words are spoken: "War always leaves behind remnants of hatred, and the thirst which breeds retribution." There is a sense that a reckoning is coming.

Within their anti-government, anti-war themes there is also a cry for salvation. They are looking for some kind of meaning behind all of the garbage seen before them. Chuck cries out in "Psycho Ride:" "Crashing down I must wake now/Save my soul from this psycho ride. Amidst the darkness of the surrounding lyrics, there is a glimmer of hope."

The music is well constructed. The rhythm guitars are heavy and modern, setting the stage for an in-your-face experience. High-octane '80s style solos, reminiscent of Master of Puppets and Killing is My Business and Business is Good! will melt your face off your skull. Rob Caggiano of Anthrax and Mikko Salovaara of Kivas contribute to the face-melting experience, Caggiano on "Psycho Ride" and Salovaara on "Dystopian Law." The hard-driving bass and tight booming drums keep the songs moving, never letting up. Expecting nothing less, the vocals are rough, loud, and angry, with some clean harmonies mixed-in.

Serenity Dies is ready to take on the world of thrash metal with their new EP, Hacksawcracy. It may be a dark day in paradise, but the future is bright for this metal band.

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  • Joseph

    cant wait for the EP

  • dudeee

    congrats to you guys…..but i have heard that there are lots of heavy metal bands in the Maldives……the paradise have been dark for a long loooooong time….hats of to the metal bands of the Maldives

  • Orchid

    Fucking Beasts \nn/