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Music Review: Sean Price – Jesus Price Supastar

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Sean Price's first solo effort, Monkey Barz, delivered some solid beats and witty lines. Although it was unsuccessful as far as sales went, Monkey Barz did indeed show the underground scene that Sean Price could make it on his own without the need of Heltah Skeltah's other half, Rock. Sean's last appearance on Boot Camp Clik's 2006 release, The Last Stand, marked his return to Duck Down Records since he left in 1999 to pursue his solo career.

Sean is back with his sophomore CD, Jesus Price Supastar, to kick off the new year with his first solo album since 2005's Monkey Barz. The self proclaimed "brokest rapper alive" has succeeded in impressing me once again. Jesus Price Supastar is chock full of Justus League and Duck Down artists such as the 9th Wonder, Chaundon, Buckshot, and Khrysis. The two teams work together to give Price a somewhat gritty soulful sound, reminiscent to Ghostface Killah or an old Mobb Deep album.

This album blew me away. I haven't heard some gritty rapping since… Well, it's been a while. Sean Price is, without a doubt, one of the finest hardcore MCs Hip-Hop has to offer.

"Intro" (Jesus Price) – This intro is under 2 minutes long, and basically gives you the gritty feeling you will be getting throughout the entire CD. Hardcore rhymes, hardcore beat, and a great way to start off the disc. You have now entered Jesus Price Supastar.

"Like You" – Rough. Gritty. Soulful. Sean Price delivers some very vicious lyrics to this beat provided by 10 for the Triad. Strong rhymes come from Mr. P: "Sean Price is the nicest to write poems/I never say the same shit twice like Mike Jones." These sort of comedic lines all scattered throughout the entire album.

"P-Body" – Finally, Heltah Skeltah are back together… sorta. Rock is on this track, yet he only does the chorus. Sean Price holds all three verses down by himself. This track also marks the first 9th Wonder beat on the CD, which isn't all too bad at all, even if 9th is delivering a little more of a hardcore sound than before.

"Cardiac" – Boot Camp sound off! The infamous Buckshot appears on this track, as well as Ruste Juxx and Flood. The track is heavily sampled, but it doesn't get all too annoying thanks to the heavy drums in the background. Buckshot and Sean Price absolutely rip this track apart.

"Stop" – Khrysis provides an ill beat for Mr. Price. Stop is a great track backed up with hardcore lyrics.

"Violent" – One of my favorite tracks on the album. 9th Wonder and Sean Price's chemistry on this cut is amazing. 9th delivers a mellow and brilliant beat that makes you want to relax… until you listen to Sean Price. This track is kind of an oxymoron. 9th Wonder provides and smooth beat, Sean Price provides hard and grisly lyrics. Surprisingly, it works very well.

"Da God" – Fast drums and hardcore MCs. I love it. Buckshot, Sadat X, and Sean Price are a heavy hitting trio.

"Oops Upside Your Head" – Steele of Smif-N-Wessun gives some backup on this track. Oops Upside Your Head, just as the title is, is a pretty silly track. Expect to hear punchline after punchline after punchline.

"Church" – What's this? If it weren't for the drums appearing a couple of seconds after the song started, I would have swore this was a west coast song. There is somewhat of a g-funk feeling to this. Rock comes back to form with Sean Price as Heltah Skeltah. The Loudmouf Choir is also featured, to give us a singing chorus.

"King Kong" – Brilliant! Khrysis has given Price an absolutely brilliant beat! This is hardcore MCing to the fullest. This is most defiantly a key track.

"One" – As noted before, Price gives us a kind of Ghostface sound. It's been noted that this track is sort of reminiscent to Ghostface Killah's track, "titled One," from his Surpreme Clientele CD. Great track nonetheless.

"You Already Know" – Skyzoo guest appears on this, and to be honest, I think this cut would have done better without Price. It kind of sounds like this was only meant for Skyzoo and Price just got thrown onto it, but the track is still so-so.

"Director's Cut" – Khrysis sure knows how to impress. Price spits two bars with breaks in between them. Once again, punchline after punchline. Too bad this cut is less than 2 minutes long.

"Let It Be Known" – Man, 9th was doing so good until this track. It seems like Price's and 9th Wonder's chemistry has faded more downwards from track to track. Phonte of Little Brother gives listeners a great chorus, but it just isn't enough to save the entire song. Sean doesn't sound all the well on this.

"Hearing Aid" – This is the last of the 9th Wonder beats. It got slightly better here. Chaundon and Sean spit some ill lyrics for listeners.

"Mess You Made" – And we come to the closing track. Like most underground CDs, this is where the most powerful and realest lyrics are put in. Lyrics are deep on this one, as well as the beat and feeling.

Yes, Sean Price has impressed me. This CD is highly recommended for backpackers and hardcore fans alike. Jesus Price Supastar is a hard and grisly album that should be owned by every underground hip-hop head who ever enjoyed the likes of artists such as Black Moon, Mobb Deep, or Wu-Tang Clan.

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