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Music Review: Schoolyard Heroes – Abminations

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In case you have ever wondered what Gwen Stefani might sound like if she grew up in the Nightmare Before Christmas town of Halloweentown, think no more. The Schoolyard Heroes, a horror punk rock band from Seattle, have recently released Abominations, its third full-length release. This CD was released under Stolen Transmission records.

The foursome incorporates a interesting style of music that can appeal to many as they mix punk rock, horror and with a little bit of metal with vocals that remind you of Gwen Stefani.

“Dude, Where’s My Skin” was the opening track and the song that corrected my original prediction about this band. Hearing the Kittie meets Evanescence track proved that this was a band that is not to be ignored. This was the band's first released song for the CD and a video was created for it. The video for this track is rather morbid as well and for those of you with weak stomachs, you may want to find something else to watch. I like horror movies so I thought it was interesting…especially the ending.

“The Plastic Surgery Hall Of Fame” revolves around the plastic surgery lifestyle or self mutilation declaring “You’re so pretty and you’re so dead!” Interesting title “Violence Is All The Rage” is a sadistic love song that is not as heavy as other tracks but still enjoyable.

“Razorblade Kisses” I felt was the best track off this CD. I absolutely love lead singer Ryann Donnelly’s high pitched piercing screams, especially when repeating the chorus. The song was high paced and completely sinful.

“Sometimes They Come Back” sounded a little Lacuna Coil and was not too much of a thrilling zombie track. “Beautiful Woman Hunter” on the other hand was entertaining especially with angry lyrics like “My only desire is watching your failure.” The song “All The Pretty Corpses” will give you bad dreams once you hear it because it is so full of violent lyrics.

Closing cleverly titled track “Screaming ‘Theater’ In A Crowed Fire” was a great duet to end the CD. It was equally catchy as corrupt to listen to and really wowed my ears. This murderous killer love song really leaves you wanting more.

I did not think I was going to like this album at all as I had never heard of the Schoolyard Heroes. I looked at the cover and immediately thought that this was going to be some death metal band with some grizzly bear like vocalist and repeating guitar riffs. I saw a photo of the group and thought they looked harmless. I was wrong and I really should learn not to judge a CD by the cover.

After hearing the CD I can see that behind the innocent faces of the band members lies dark and morbid possessions that creates the Schoolyard Heroes.

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