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Music Review: Primal Rock Rebellion, Furyon, Jack Blades, Jeff Scott Soto, Pretty Maids, and Dark Suns

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Another week and some more music to ponder.

First off, we have the new CD from Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden and Mikee Goodman out of SikTh called Awoken Broken. The band is called Primal Rock Rebellion and it is meant to be “modern”. Well, let us just say that this is Smith’s equivalent to his Maiden mate’s Bruce Dickinson’s solo album Skunkworks. Make of that what you will.

Furyon, on the other hand, is a new hard rock group from the UK who have offered up some damn fine music with Gravitas This is a bunch of guys that you need to keep an eye on and catch live when you can. They are headed for big things, mark my words. One of the first essential albums of 2012.

Jack Blades of Night Ranger fame has released a new album called Rock ‘n Roll Ride. And as you would expect, it is a great hard rock release. Not quite Damn Yankees good, but certainly some of his best solo stuff yet. Then again, what do expect from Blades?

Then we have Jeff Scott Soto with some of his best solo work in years on Damage Control. This is some damn fine hard rock which peaks with the cracking song “Afterworld”, an anthemic rocker which will be a corker live. This album reminds me a bit of the sadly short-lived Soul SirkUS project he was part of a few years ago.

Pretty Maids has released a live greatest hits collection called It Comes Alive. Songs on here come from their entire 30 year career and it is sure to please the band’s fans. As with any live album, this might not be the best introduction to the band for newbies. It’s a competent live collection from a veteran rock band.

And last we have the just plain freaking weird Dark Suns, with their album Orange. A bit of a spook house of an album. Not bad, but you just have to be in the right sort of mood for it. It does seem to lack direction and consistency of purpose. I’m not quite sure what chemical you have to be on to enjoy this.

And on that odd note it is time to wrap up another column. Stay safe and rocking out there.

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