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Music Review: Phil Vassar – Prayer Of A Common Man

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Phil Vassar’s latest CD, Prayer Of A Common Man, blends simple lyrics with a country beat which rocks in some places and rolls gently along in others. No matter how much one likes or dislikes the singer, one can easily find a tune which sticks in both head and heart after the disc has finished.

“This Is My Life” opens the song selection with a few plaintive piano notes. Without hearing anything else, I knew this song spoke of a man who cherishes simple things in life. He will raise his family with values he grew up on, taking them to church on Sunday and eating dinner together every night. With a strong beat, backup singers help Vassar announce to the world just what he’s made of.

“Love Is A Beautiful Thing” will sound familiar to music listeners. It has been played so often that most people have heard it whether they were looking or not. A milestone is described – a bride is about to marry her groom. Those who were invited came, even if there has been a family feud. After all, this is only one day and a memory to cherish.

“Baby Rocks” kicks the heartstopping beat into a high gear. No piano opens this song, but rather the electric guitar! Listeners are instantly transported to a honky tonk where the music kicks butt and the beer flows. The words are a story of a man who is enamored with his latest woman and wants everyone to know it.

“I Would” was written by Vassar himself. He shares a painful time in his life where he upset someone close to him. The only thing left to do is sing about his pain and remorse so he might try and set things right. The fiddle accompaniment adds a nice touch. It gives the song a perfect note of regret.

“Why Don’t Ya” featuring Los Lonely Boys deals with the angst of someone who has grown apart from another without quite knowing the reason why. As painful as it may seem, the time to move on has come. The accordion brings a nice punch to the foot stomping beat. It’s easy to imagine a line dance going around the room while this song plays.

“Prayer Of A Common Man” is the title song to this CD, and it reinforces the theme of simplicity. A son understands what his father sacrificed when he stands over the grave of his provider. The spiritual lyrics of the chorus ask for guidance and direction from guardian angels.

The nice part of the CD is that everyone can find a song to identify with. Some songs are slow and quiet, while others are hard and fast. The down home earthiness of Vassar’s country roots will appeal to those who enjoy simple beauty. There is a pulsating beat which will set listeners’ hearts on fire.

What could be better than that?

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