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Music Review: Peaches – Impeach My Bush

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Peaches is known for her extreme, almost cartoonish, sexuality, put across in electroclash songs. Her best known song is “Fuck the Pain Away,” with its classic opening line “Sucking on my titties like you wanted me.” Her most recent album is Impeach My Bush, which doesn’t mix up the formula too much, keeping the over the top, frequently hilarious sexual lyrics and grinding synths.

The album opens with “Tent in Your Pants,” a song about the apparently enormous tent in some fellow’s pants. I’m not usually someone who pays that much attention to lyrics, but the ones here demand your attention: “The tent’s so big in your pants, baby. Bring my friends for a dance baby. Sell those tickets in advance baby,” and so on. This is not one you want to throw on when just anyone’s listening, but it’s a really catchy song with great heavy synths that turn the song into a heavy stomp.

“Two Guys” is another song along those lines, with a constant snare drum beat and some bubbling synths underscoring her attempt to get two guys to have sex with each other. Apparently, “an ass is an ass,” so it’s all good. It’s catchy and funny, another great song.

They’re not all in those mode. “Downtown” is much lighter, sounding almost like Goldfrapp, with an airy ambiance and lighter synths. Though as you could probably imagine, there’s a bit of a double meaning to downtown.

Other songs have a more classic rock sound, like “You Love It.” While it’s probably necessary to mix things up, these songs are less unique, and don’t work quite as well. I think Peaches is probably better as a maker of singles, after a while the subject matter stops being shocking and you just accept it. Then, the fact that she doesn’t have too much vocal range becomes apparent, and you’re left with some catchy beats, but not much else.

The album itself walks the line between novelty song and legitimate electroclash. It’s certainly got a few songs you could throw on for you friends and laugh with, but listening to the whole thing, it feels like well made, but not particularly groundbreaking music. I certainly enjoy the album, but it doesn’t distinguish itself as something truly special. I suppose having to live up to the image she created is tough, if she branches out into other subject matter, it sounds generic, if she sticks to the hypersexual stuff, it can become a bit monotonous. On the back half of the album, she winds up sounding like Joan Jett, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. But, I think the album never quite matches the over the top intensity of “Tent in Your Pants.” That song is definitely worth your time, the rest of the album certainly has its moments, but everything good about her work is encapsulated in that opening salvo.

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