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Music Review: Pat Benatar – Ultimate Collection

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For fans of great rock music with a bit of a feminine punch to it, Pat Benatar has released a new collection of her classic hits titled the Ultimate Collection. This 2 CD set hit stores on June 24, and is filled with some of her best songs. Forty of her songs in fact.

This isn’t the first collection of Pat Benatar songs though. Over the years, several have been released. This makes you wonder if another collection is even needed.

This collection has not just hits, but other tracks from her catalog of songs. Both CD’s are filled with songs including some of my personal favorites – "Fire and Ice," "Heartbreaker," "Promises in the Dark," and "Hell is for Children." Her best known hit "Love is a Battlefield" is also on the CD. Every song has been remastered and sound perfect on this collection. With this set, you can pop the CDs in your player and just blast them loud for almost three hours.

Benatar has a strong voice, and her lyrics have always touched a chord across genres. She has rock and pop fans, and this collection will open the doors to a new generation to appreciate her operatic vocal stylings. If you pick up the CD and fall in love with Pat Benatar, she is heading out on tour this summer. Perfect timing for the release of the CD collection.

So if you’re still asking yourself whether or not you need another Pat Benatar CD, I would get this one. The last collection of her songs I picked up is 1994’s Best Shots. This one has all the tracks on that album, and even more. This CD compilation is a perfect way for an older Pat Benatar fan to top off their collection, or for someone new to her music. If you haven’t heard her before, pick this one up!

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  • Pat Benatar: Giving it her best shot

    She taught us that love is a battlefield. The world is filled with heartbreakers. And most importantly, that girls can do anything boys can do — probably better.
    All hail Pat Benatar — the diva, rock and roll icon and culprit behind my new haircut and outlook on life. Sassy.

    She’s edgy, smart and proves that you should never do anything you’re good at for free.

    Benatar won her first Grammy before I was born. Yet, sitting in a sea of people my parent’s age on Aug. 14 in Silverton’s Oregon Garden for her concert, I was the one that couldn’t help but feel honored.

    It was hot — sweaty hot –perfect for an outdoor rock concert and my third time breathing the same air as the woman who declared her “promises in the dark.” She’s a different kind of rock and roll icon.

    She seems so normal — a wife (married to her guitarist for two decades), mom to two daughters, business woman and traveling musician.

    In our world of cluttered distractions — iPods, Internet, digital TV — there’s something endearing about Pat’s live show. It’s real. Simple. Raw.

    No costume changes.
    No distracting dancers.
    No pyrotechnics.
    No swearing.
    Just a chick. A microphone. And a band.

    And they delivered exactly what the audience wanted — to hear the hits!
    Before singing “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” Benatar smiled and told the audience that she was tired of the song, “but has to sing it.”

    How honest. Hilarious. How wonderfully horrifying to spend more than half of your life making a fortune by uttering the exact same words.

    How rock and roll.

    In early television interviews, Benatar explained that she wanted her career to be focused on her music, not her looks. She’s classically trained but had the face of a pin-up star.

    She can’t avoid being a package deal, a five foot tall explosion of emotion.

    Leotards. Black leather pants. Red lipstick. That voice.

    She defined a generation and paved the way for young female singers everywhere. Like me.

    Benatar proves that a hit song is timeless. Her music is still relevant, strong and empowering. Her voice is still raspy and her fan base continues to expand. Talent doesn’t retire. She’s 55 and going strong.

    Pat, thanks for another great show.

    Sing it with me everyone, ‘you’re a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker — don’t you mess around with me.’

    Honestly, who could mess with her?