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Music Review: Mudvayne – Mudvayne

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To sum up the new self-titled album by Mudvayne, I would say it is the perfect soundtrack for a traumatic nightmare set in an eerie horror movie. The jackhammer drums, the chugging guitars, screams and sound effects sets you up for that nightmare experience. It's beautiful and strange.

That's also the first track on the album. The song is beautiful because it is catchy and strange because it has that Mudvayne weirdness attached to it. The second song, "1000 Mile Journey," continues with the metallic blast. Both songs are a great way to open up the album as they give you a taste of what is ahead. The third track is the most memorable on the album. "Scream With Me" stuck in my head after the second spin and I would not be surprised if fans will be screaming along to this shortly after the December 21 release. "Scream With Me" has already garnered the #2 spot on AOL's top rock songs of 2009.

Don't let the mainstream appeal fool you. Mudvayne still know how to rumble. The song "I Can't Wait" is not just heavy, it is also ultra angry. The Mudvayne crew releases their fury with this track. The heaviness shines through on Heard It All Before and All Talk. Maybe some of that ferocity from their Hellyeah experience crept into their songwriting? The real test is how the fans receive this new slab of turbulence. Some fans will be critical about the retro sounds while some fans (and maybe new fans too) will enjoy the creativity behind the tunes.

This can be heard on tracks like "Beyond The Pale" and "Out To Pasture". Take a listen, absorb the details and hear the unique elements within those songs. Definitely some experimentation was going during the songwriting process. Finally, Mudvayne offers a dirge entitled "Dead Inside" to close off their fifth album.

Overall, Mudvayne's new album not only showcases innovation, savagery and hooks, they give us an engaging aural landscape to compliment our nightmares.

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  • ColinM

    Yes I’d have to say weird, angry Mudvayne is better than mainstream rock Mudvayne. Nice review here… I haven’t heard the entire album yet but I’m glad you were able to provide me insight on what to expect.

  • Colin, thanks for sharing. Chad did say that their songwriting was more of a retro style than an progressive style. Retro probably meant a return to heavier sounds. What are your thoughts on the songs that you have heard so far?

  • Mike Gunnison

    I have heard this album and I was very impressed! When I first heard Beautiful and Strange I was impressed, but every song here has some amazing moments! No song on this album really sounds like the last and the expirimentation was really well done/