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Music Review: Motorhead Tribute – Sheep In Wolves Clothing

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By the time you read this I will be able to go "yah boo sucks" as this is an extremely limited 500 copy edition, only available through the venerable and esteemed Motorheadbangers' Fan Club.  That'll teach you.

It's so well respected they've even managed to wheel in a few well-known faces with assorted ex Motorhead bods among the cast.

Mad Dogs get things off in fine fashion with an electronic country take on "Capricorn."  The less said about Sweet Zeros awful version of "1916" the better.  Much better is ex- Curved Air vocalist Sonja Kristina whose 'interesting' vocal style works on an acoustic "I Don't Believe A Word."

A bit of history next as Mick Farren revisits his own "Lost Johnny" for a dirty-blooze- meets-Alex-Harvey take in the company of a new Deviants lineup.  He even managed to drag one Philthy Animal Taylor out of the pub long enough to play the drums!

One time Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard joined with original Soft White Underbelly singer Les Vegas as The Underbelly to turn in a jazz meets George Formby version of "Back At The Funny Farm." Really, it's true.  Bridget Wishart nearly ruined Hawkwind for me during her tenure.  Here she ruins "Ace Of Spades" in the company of the normally impeccable spacerockers Spirits Burning.  Way to go.  Listen carefully, though, that's Daevid Allen of Gong on guitar.  However, I love the crazy-ass psych folk version of "Orgasmatron" by Hobbyhorse.

The irredeemably shambolic verion of "Damage Case"' by Lissy Abraham is oddly compelling.  Why, I have no idea; perhaps it's the belief that enthusiasm can outweigh talent.  I once saw ex-Hawkwinder and long-time Lemmy impersonator Alan Davey play a show with his Motorhead tribute band in the clubhouse of a golf course in Lanarkshire.  The four of us who were there thought he was great, so it's no surprise that he psychs up "Stay Clean," and comes out a winner.

The CD goes out with a bang as Motorhead's wee sisters Girlschool take time out from its 30th anniversary to contribute a version of "Metropolis," not only drenched in Astralasia- type dance beats but with Fast Eddie Clarke dropping by to fire out a guitar solo.

A fabulous CD, so well done to Head Motorheadbanger, Alan Burridge for putting it all together.

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  • Howling Mad Murdoch

    I bought this CD and generally agree with Mr H’s comments except for two.

    Bridget Wishart probably had he hardest job of all, the poisoned chalise of trying to rework Ace of Spades. I think she does remarkably well. I was expecting a train wreck and it wasn’t. I like the version a whole lot.

    Likewise the Sweet Zeros. An inspired choice of song and the take on it is quite remarkable. Unmentioned (but available with a bit of research) is that the track was produced by Mr Brian James ex The Damned. Lemmy’s lyrics and the Sweet Zeros’ tight punky delivery, the female vocals, the switching of perspective and the emotional vocals only ending make this the stand out track of the album for me!