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Music Review: Motorhead – Kiss of Death

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Lemmy and the boys (Philip Campbell, guitar, and Michael “Mikkey Dee” Delaouglou, drums) rock ’em out with their new release Kiss of Death, available now. Mr. Romance — one of June 2006 Maxim’s top 10 “Living Legends of Sex” — sings of love, one-night stands, and overall badness.

Recorded at L.A.’s Paramount studios and produced by Cameron Webb, there are 13 tracks to assault your ears and mind. C.C. Deville and Alice In Chains’ bass player, Mike Inez, make guest appearances.

The album begins with the hyperspeed (I don’t know why, but sometimes superfast 4/4 begins to sound like an oompah band) of “Sucker.” On the second tune, “One Night Stand,” Lemmy proclaims (I’m an idiot if this is wrong) “I’ve been a slut all my life / I wish every night was a one night stand.” The Bard couldn’t have put it any better.

Things don’t let up until the acoustic-tinged “God Was Never On Your Side.” But don’t be fooled by the simplistic introduction. Continuing as usual comes “Living In the Past” (not the Jethro Tull song). Another song, “Be My Baby,” is not the Ronettes tune.

The band covers Chuck Berry territory with the fem-titled “Christine.” “I just wanna jump her bones all the time.” This tune reminds me of the old MC5 stuff; no-frills “fuck you” rock and roll. The disc ends with the short 1:22 “Ramones,” a tribute to the New York City group.

I haven’t mentioned all the songs on this album, but I don’t have to. With Motorhead, you know what you’re getting ahead of time. I guess all the adjectives have been used up to describe their brand of music. It’s head-bangin’, high-energy, kick out the motherfuckin’ jams kind of stuff. Lemmy’s been doin’ it for 30 years. There’s nobody better.

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  • Is this one of the better albums in their cannon?

  • Great album to wake your mother in law up with in the morning.

    Go to the shows, they’re more enjoyable than the music (and much louder too)

  • Motorheadbanger

    Great album!!!

    Am listening to the ‘Kiss Of Death’ cd as I speak, and I have to say with a good deal of certainty it is Motorhead’s best release in recent years.

    The production is top notch by 2006 standards, and the band are in top form. But be forewarned, it is LOUD!!!

  • Fred

    Undoubtedly one of their best albums of recent years. “One night Stand” is the standout, a fantastic track!!