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Music Review: Ministry – The Last Sucker

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If it wasn't clear before, it should be now. Al Jourgensen, front man for the hard core industrial band Ministry, isn't very fond of George W. Bush or his administration. If there is any doubt at all after listening to Ministry's latest ride The Last Sucker, then you truly must have been one of the mindless twits who voted for the man all those years ago.

The third in the "uber-critical" trilogy (House of the Mole 2004 and Rio Grande Blood 2006) aimed at "W," Jourgensen launches a frontal attack on Bush with lyrics that mock, challenge and outright scream at the hypocrisy and degradation of the last seven years.

"Now it's my turn for something to say,
You made me king so I could have my way,
The people hate me and I don't know why,
They hate me with each and every lie" 

The Last Sucker is brutal, thought provoking and honest. Not caring who is "watching" or "listening," Jourgensen lets everyone know how he feels. Declaring Dick Cheney to be the son of Satan and reminding us that we are forever being watched in everything we do, The Last Sucker is the final album ever to be released by Ministry.

I find it interesting that it coincides with the ending of the Bush administration. Or maybe it is on purpose. Maybe as we prepare to enter the final year of Bush, Jourgensen feels he has said enough. Now it is up to those that are listening to make sure everyone understands.

The truth is that Jourgensen says he is at the top of his game and it's time to call it quits. According to a recent interview on MTV.com, Jourgensen said that it will be nice to end on a high note instead of keep releasing shitty records well into his 60's.

Whatever the reason, this album shows that after 27 years and 11 albums (The Last Sucker will be the 12th), Ministry still kicks ass. They haven't slipped and they do not miss a beat. The band is planning a world tour to support their final installment and you can bet that at more than 40-years-old, Jourgensen will still incite a wild and hard hitting mosh pit for fans of all ages.

The final two tracks culminate everything that is, was or ever will be Ministry. Titled "End of Days Part One and Two," both songs breathe Ministry. As the two part song comes to a close, the last four minutes are, oddly enough, from a Republican president. Jourgensen skillfully mixed in Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell speech as President:
"Balance between actions of the moment and the national welfare of the future…."

The Last Sucker was recorded and mixed at Jourgensen's own studio in El Paso, Texas. The album is 11 tracks long and is slated to be released September 18.

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  • StephenX

    For the record: with the state of technology today, and some of the amazing work it’s produced (and even work that came before it), working with ProTools in your mother’s basement IS music production…if you know what you’re doing. No one’s laughing at George Martin for making do with four-track tape on Sgt. Pepper, are they? Technology is only as good as the people who work it, and if you’re good, you’re good. Period.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “but having worked in music production”
    Using Pro-Tools in your Mom’s basement doesn’t count. I have worked in various settings including session drummer & obviously, if you can’t hear the production flaw between this and Psalm 69 then maybe you should get your ears checked. Equal volume levels doesn’t equate to great production quality and don’t you go throwing that right-winged BS my way,I’d like for you to do some research on the candidate that was running against him both times!! Before you make presumptions, I’m Independant, Jackass..

  • John G

    I’m sorry Brian, but having worked in music production, the fact that you think this album has poor production quality speaks volumes about you… almost as much as the fact that you happily voted for a fascist.

    This album sports great production quality. Everything is mixed very well. It may not be your sound, but don’t mistake your personal (dis)taste with poor quality. When you can’t judge, don’t…

    But I suppose that’s not the right-wing way. Best to make judgments and decisions in ignorance, right?

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    There are glimpses of what made Ministry f*cking awesome when Psalm 69 was released but this album really doesn’t show him “leaving” on a high note. Mr. Jourgensen didn’t focus enough on the production and way too much on the message.When you are creating music with technology/software, you should pay extra attention to the quality of the samples being made or used! Plus, what’s up with The Doors cover? Sorry to say, but, the latest NIN outing was alot more talented, progressive & fascinating.

    This is the reason why us of all us “Mindless “Twits” voted for Bush because people like Al Jourgensen can’t even do his own job right nevermind run this G*ddamn Awesome, F*cking Country!!!