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Music Review: Michael Bublé – Crazy Love

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Frank Sinatra is alive, well, and updated. Michael Bublé’s fourth album has all the charm and big-band mood of Sinatra with a modern twist. There are few musical artists out there who can cover Dean Martin while still being young and relevant like Bublé can, and Crazy Love is no exception.

I became a fan of Bublé when I first started college. When Crazy Love was released last year, I got it immediately and was not disappointed. Bublé uses his signature 1940s and ‘50s sound and covers classic songs like he usually does, but he also includes several original songs that are just as good as, if not better than, the old songs.

Michael Bublé almost didn’t get to start a career in music because his record label was afraid they would not be able to market his kind of music. Bublé initially had to raise $500,000 to cover the production of his first album, but the label eventually paid for it. Even though there wasn’t really a market for his music, his career took off. Three days after Crazy Love came out, it was number one on the Billboard 200 chart and stayed there for two weeks.

Crazy Love is entertainment at its best. Bublé’s songs feature dramatic trumpets, saxophones, and piano. I especially like “Cry Me A River,” which uses trumpets and violin to create a theatrical and overdramatic sound that reflects the angry lyrics of the song. “Heartache Tonight” makes similar use of brass instruments but adds electric guitar in the mix in homage to the Eagles, who performed the original version.

My favorite song by far is “Haven’t Met You Yet.” It sounds more like a normal pop song than a big-band song of the ‘40s, but its upbeat and bright piano support the hopeful message of the song and show off Bublé’s songwriting skills. It reminded me of Bublé’s 2007 Grammy-nominated song “Everything.” If you like “Haven’t Met You Yet” as much as I do, be sure to watch the music video, because it’s fantastic as well.

Fans of Bublé’s former work like the songs “Home” or “Lost” won’t be disappointed with this album either. “Hold On” and “Crazy Love” are slower ballads with a mournful feel similar to previous work. Again, Bublé’s masterfully combines various instruments like piano, drums, guitar, and violin to make a dramatic and well-blended sound.

Whether you’ve been a fan of Michael Bublé from the beginning or if you’ve only heard snippets of his songs on movies like The Proposal and 27 Dresses or television shows like 30 Rock and NCIS, you’ll like this album. It’s different enough from than the usual chart-topping fare to give listeners a happily unique experience yet relevant enough to reach a wide audience.

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  • Aron Sailo

    Michael Bublé still owns his own style. This album is very interested to listen for those who love Michael Bublé’s beautiful and charming voice. Get it now! No regrets !