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Music Review: Median – Median’s Relief

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Fans of the Justus League sound, brace yourself for another package of heroic Hip-Hop.

The southern based collective of true emcees and producers — who have made a name for themselves by sticking to the original blueprint — bring a newer version of the boom bap theory. Little Brother, 9th Wonder, Chaundon, and Cesar Comanche are a few of the emerging stars from the Carolina crew. Long time JL member Median is another star, set to go supernova and blow! His debut album Median's Relief is in stores now, full of real rap getaway it-ish!

As soon as I played Median's Relief, it hit me with it’s golden era feel goodness. Small wonder, as 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and Nicolay are just a few of the beat rockers who bring the heat on the Fruity Loops and MPCs, filling the album with some head nodders. Median has been on the scene for a while now, with a list of impressive singles and guest appearances, from Little Brother’s “Shorty On The Lookout,” Rapper Big Pooh’s “Sleepers,” Ken Starr’s “Star Status,” to M.A.D.'s tight Path To Relief EP.

Now he finally has his own full length project. Median's Relief has some seriously jumping tracks that you may not ever hear. The vibe is real rap, so it is sure to turn off the fake radio PDs in their grey cubicles. It will give rap fans hope though, as well as something to play in their car when that "other" southern rappers group is played on your favorite Hot station for the millionth time.

Median proves his muscle as a story teller emcee with his reworking of “Brenda’s Baby,” taking the story to the future and detailing Brenda’s baby girl Rose, as she weaves thru the streets and criminal life. The scene he paints is pure cinema with a surprising plot twist that you simply have to hear. “Rize” is another incredible track, with spitfire lyrics and soaring vocals by Le Dehra, all blessing the horn filled track.

If you don't know about this guy yet, take a listen to the free mixtape, courtesy of Halftooth Records and be on the lookout for Median!

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