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Music Review: Math and Physics Club – “Darling Please Come Home”

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I've decided this song, "Darling Please Come Home," refers to camping, and here's why. The chorus starts out with "the fireflies are out," an obvious reference to summertime, since those buggers all die in the winter. (And somehow are reborn every summer. Does anyone know how?) The lyrics then go on to refer to "when the coals burn way down low." Everyone knows that coals mean fire and a fire means one of two things: winter and/or campfire.

But winter is already out of the equation 'cause of them fireflies… so we're obviously talking about camping. But this is followed by "Darling, won't you please come home" at the end of the chorus. Evidently, this band lives in the woods. No biggie though, since the boredom of the forest life has obviously given them plenty of time to sharpen their guitar talents.

Now let's get serious. Math and Physics Club have crafted their songs based on twangy jangly delayed guitar leads that dance and weave around crystal vocals throughout both verse and chorus. These songs, amazingly, have the ability to evoke feelings of both nostalgia and happiness at the same time. It almost doesn't make sense. It's like being sad 'cause you're thinking of a time in your life you always want to remember because it made you happy. But while thinking of that time, you become nostalgic and sentimental when all you really wanted to do was think happy thoughts.

Actually, that makes a lot of sense. What doesn't make sense is how they do it so well. Math and Physics Club have woven a wonderfully curious campfire quality into their tracks that is immediately accessible yet compellingly original.

On "Darling Please Come Home," lead guitar bounces playfully around simple, effective lyrics, while fantastic drums push the song forward in an stumbling, joyful fashion. Dude's having girl problems, but he's all 'no worries.'  He says, "It'll work out. Cheer up, kids… what's not to love about some warm coals, a sunset, and snuggling up with a honey-bunny? Just listen, relax, enjoy."

[mp3 – Darling Please Come Home]

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