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Music Review: Maserati – Inventions For The New Season

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Modern day psychedelic jam rock act Maserati is back with an all new album called Inventions For The New Season. The foursome, currently consisting of Coley Dennis, Jerry Fuchs, Steve Scarborough, and Matt Cherry, had taken about four years to put together this amazing CD. At one time the band was under Kindercore Records but thanks to the record label going bankrupt, Maserati was left homeless and was eventually was picked up by Temporary Residence Ltd.

This CD was not something I expected to hear. Let’s face it, a lot of new music that hits my ears is either punk, indie, or metal. Maserati is more of a hard rock jam band without the dancing hippies. All of the tracks were very technical and are almost called from past psychedelic bands which I choose not to mention to avoid argument. If you listen to the CD you will hear what I am saying.

I would like to quote Maserati quickly about how they feel about vocals: “Fuck vocals.” It’s true, the band declares that they do not have time for that mess. Instead the band focuses on some amazing music that at times soothes the ears and at other times just rocks out. This band could easily be liked by the indie rockers, the stoner rockers, and even the psychedelic rockers.

Opening track “Inventions” may have started out slow, but the band was just warming up. This track immediately picks up tempo about midway. It was just fun to listen to, so much fun that I wound up listening to it twice before I went on to check out the rest of the disc. “Synchronicity” reminded me of a slower song that Tool might have done. While listening to the track I imagined Maynard singing along. The music is melodic in every way. "Show Me The Season" was the best track on the album, almost a rock masterpiece.

The track that stood out the most was “This Is A Sight We Had One Day From The High Mountain”, an instrumental anthem that should have been in the movie Fight Club (seriously, I could totally imagine Brad Pitt and Edward Norton beating the hell out of one another to this song). I got a better idea of what they were going for once I watched the music video that was created for the song. Talk about awesome, check it out. I loved it.

The next time Maserati comes rolling through my neighborhood I am going to make an effort to see them live. What I have heard on this disc makes me really want to see a live performance by them. Not knowing what I was about to hear and being satisfied at the end of the CD was a joy in its own right. If you like bands that your parents might have hit the pipe to back in the day, appreciate honest to God homemade rock jams, or would just like to hear something other than emo-screamo noise, this is a band you should definitely check out.

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