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Music Review: Margaret Durante – Maybe Tonight EP

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In an industry where singers are a dime a dozen and everyone and their mother is recording an album or selling music online, it’s growing increasingly difficult to stand out among the masses. There’s no sure-fire secret for success, but there are factors which seem to help many make it in the music biz: you can’t sound like everyone else, you need to have talent, you need to have a personality, and you need to be genuine. All the spotlight, glitz and glamor will eventually shine right through any and all b.s.

This is good news for country singer/songwriter Margaret Durante, because she’s the triple threat. She’s got a strong, vibrant voice; her gift of music and penchant for lyrics stands out among her contemporaries, and she’s beautiful—not just on the outside, but inside as well.

Margaret Durante

The 22-year-old Maryland native relocated to Nashville three years ago to pursue her music full-time. But for as long as Durante could remember, she wanted to be a performer:

“I have always been singing and always enjoyed performing […] but when I really knew that I wanted to be a performer was at a young age. My parents would have friends over and I’d make them sit down and listen to me sing a song before they carried on with their evening  And I sang at all these parties and weddings around the community…”

It was then that Durante knew she belonged on stage in front of a microphone.

“Performing in front of a live audience, it gets under your skin and there’s no way I could do anything else. The cool part about live performing is that all these people go into a venue not knowing each other. You go with your friends, but you don’t know everyone else in the room and by the end of the show—especially country music because there’s that story-telling aspect—everyone’s friends all of a sudden or they have some sort of common ground with the next person and I think that’s so cool.”

Indeed it is.

Despite the fact that Margaret Durante was clearly born for the stage, she’s still just a regular girl who can be found roaming one of Nashville’s many parks on a Sunday afternoon or simply doing her laundry. Her favorite book is Catcher In The Rye but she also loves the Backstreet Boys and NSync and is not afraid to throw down on some decadent Italian food. She’s grounded, down-to-earth and her music reflects her unpretentious personality.

Her latest project is a four-song EP, entitled Maybe Tonight. It’s a sample of what’s to come on her full length album, Words On Frosted Glass, that’s due out late summer or early fall. Maybe Tonight highlight’s Durante’s talents with the title track that she describes as “fun and flirty,” and a slower, moodier track, “Better,” which the singer describes as “very relatable to women who have had their heart broken.” I have to agree; it’s a lovely song about heartbreak and healing after love lost.

“Whiskey and a Gun” illustrates what’s best about country music, with great storytelling that’s rough and raw. The EP is rounded out with the “Paper Chains,” a beautifully melodic song about love and relationships.

Margaret Durante is currently on a radio tour promoting Maybe Tonight, which is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.com as of Tuesday, April 19.

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  • Bob Curro

    I have been following this young lady for some time and her music, presentation and content only gets better. She really has a great flair and is great to listen to.