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Music Review: Marcome’ — River of Soul

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A friend from Baton Rouge told me about a new age music website on which he was active so I checked it out.  My previous experience with new age music had been limited to “Sadness  Part 1” from the Gregorian Masters Of Chant.  The monks had gotten some air play and I liked the rhythm and melody.  One of the artist’s that had work sampled on the new age site was a Canadian known as Marcome‘ (pronounced, Mar-ko-may).

Courtesy Marcome.com

A common perception of new age music is that it is great for reading, massage, meditation and yoga.  It often includes vocals by Native American or Asian voices for both mystic and natural mood effect.  Instruments such as flutes, piano, acoustic guitar and a wide variety of non-western acoustic instruments are common to this genre. Marcome’ is a shrewd businesswoman who has done her homework.

Before getting into the music business, she worked in theatre both in music composition and sound creation.  She’s as comfortable at a soundboard as she is at a keyboard (both computer and piano).  Previous work with such artists as Diana Krall, Cecilia Bartoli, Branford Marsalis, Le Cirque de Soleil, Sir George Martin, Tom Waits, Pat Metheny, and Yes have served her well in her own productions. Her first two albums have included sufficient elements of diverse genres to both bring in new listeners and satisfy new age/world music purists.

River of Soul begins with “Dawn’s Spirit”, her crystal clear voice is a soft awakening as well as a clarion call of things to come.  What comes next is the first single released from this CD, “River of Life”, a smooth yet quick rhythm with an understated excitement.  When you listen to this song, you can’t help but smile!  “River of Life” is available now in a “remixed, lounge” version.

This reviewer is particularly pleased with Marcome’s resistance to the temptation of programmed synthesized music. She has chosen an impressive group of live musicians for this project. Joining her on River of Soul are: Michael Robidoux (Leonard Cohen), Martin Lord Ferguson (Le Cirque de Soleil), and Michael Dupire (Sarah McLaughlin).

“Arabica” follows with a message of sweet surrender that sets the stage for track five. “The World is Singing” includes thoughtful lyrics about universal love accompanied by the  voices of children echoed by a variety of native tongues.  The following tracks lift the listener up to the climax  track ten, “Elated”, a song of joy and happiness. 

A sixteen minute version of “Nostrie Tiempo” (our time) concludes River of Soul and includes a variety of instruments and languages.  This track is characterized by the soft clear voice of Marcome’ at her best, displaying her range and comforting style. The listener easily slips into the groove and is left feeling like it is indeed time to be immersed into the river of soul.

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  • Marcome’s music is so uplifting. I love her voice and persona, a very talented lady. I would rather call her music Ambient world music or new world music for River of soul is more of an upbeat cd than the conventional new age music. Still whatever we call it, it’s really good! 🙂