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Music Review: LTJ X-Perience – Moon Beat

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A well-thumbed digipak sat amongst the refuse in a dollar bin that mostly contained awful R&B singles that frankly, should have just been burned. I pulled this one out and got a good look at that colorful cover and thought this had to be some kind of fun time to listen to. The fact that it looked like it had been previously owned for a lengthy amount of time gave me hope that at least someone before me gave it quite a few spins before parting with it.

With songs like "Disco People" and "You Got the Beat", I figured it had to be some kind of dance record that might have had a few moon-based sound references. The fact that it also looked like the group was based out of Italy made me cough up the dough to give it a chance.

Indeed, these guys turned out to be the groove music makers that I thought they were going to be. The duo of Luca LTJ Trevisi and Ohm Guru spin-out compositions that tend to be repetitive with their clips but always have an element that builds upon itself, thus making each tune increasingly danceable.

The group also doesn't want you to think anything is unfinished for nearly every song is around five minutes or more. The only short track is the four minute introductory song "Keep On Grooving" which sounds like it uses a Bee Gees clip over and over again. "Sitar Madness" is just that as a motivated drum beat gets people moving amidst a sped-up sitar clip and some wails from a female vocalist.

"Disco People" turned out to be less like a disco song and more like a bossa lounge tune, which is nice and all but doesn't stand-out nearly as much. It sounded more like something one could use for background music for one of those home improvement TV shows where they're rearranging a room.

One of the better tracks is "Saturday Nite Groovin" which actually fits the sound of disco a lot better than its predecessor on the record. The song gave me the feeling of edging between dancers at an upscale club somewhere in the city; not that I have been seen anywhere near an upscale club. However, if I were of the slicked hair and the slightly ajar collared shirt, I could picture myself giving everyone the oh-you-want-me-too-so-just-take-a-number look as I coolly stood at the bar too awkward to move.

The track that turns out sounding the best on the record is a track that has no relation to any of the others, and that is the title track. "Moon Beat" is a smooth cool down at the end of a record that tries hard to energize, so it is surprising that LTJ X-Perience included it without much of a warning anywhere else. It sounds pretty good as it gets going and definitely has a strong chill out essence to it, but it is at this point where I found out that my disc skips. Alas, that might have been one of the reasons why the previous owner let this one go. Oh well.

You can check these guys out on MySpace or just listen to a few tracks here:

Most mix artists tend to fade away as time moves on and styles rapidly takeover each other. It is rare, at least in my experience, to see these kinds of artists last longer than three or four years before running out of creative juice.

I can't say I'm an expert in making such a conclusion, but when I found out that LTJ X-Perience had been together for more than a decade I was quite surprised. They are still putting out music for various dance and groove compilations. So if you happen to pick one up that is European-based you're bound to bump into these guys eventually. As for me, I suppose when the rock-n-roll gets tiring and I just don't want anyone to be singing at me, I may get more into this kind of music regularly. I'll probably keep this album nearby in-case a party comes along and I need to dress-up as an unapproachable heartthrob.

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